More News on Liverpool Car Fire

More News on Liverpool Car Fire

Here is more news on the Liverpool, UK, car fire and why it’s important. If you go to the original article first and see the pictures, you’ll have a better understanding of what the following article is about.

Click Here for the article and pictures.

If you look at the first picture, you’ll see the level of the parking lot that leads to the rooftop. Notice all the glass that is out of the cars. And, is all that debris from the glass? If it is from the glass, it look a lot more than would have come from the cars. I say this because look on the right and where there is a large space between that car and the one that is closer to the rooftop. So, where did this glass come from – IF it’s glass? This debris did not come from the ceiling as the concrete looks like its in whole.

In the next photo, where there are two cars parked, you’ll see no glass, no rims and no tires. You’ll also see damage to the body of the cars, particularly the roofs. How can that happen in a normal fire? How can it happen in an extraordinary fire?

Then, how can this fire be such and extreme heat? – which it has to be to metal aluminium rims, fiber carbon tires and to melt the glass in the windows. Now, keep in mind the cables that have fallen above where the fire was. How is it that the fire can – and must have caused this damage – but the cables are in tact? Cables, as you know are covered with rubber, though some of them maybe PVC covering, which is nothing more than plastic. Rubber and plastic melts at a lower temperature than metal. So, why are they not completely melted?

With the next picture, which was taken on a lower level and you see a long row of cars, I would like to draw your attention to the car on the left. The car that I’m looking at looks like everything is missing from the hood (bonnet in UK English) on down! Where is the grill, the metal work and the tires? How can they disappear in a fire? They certainly would not have been stolen. So, how can a fire destroy metal and tires to make them disappear. Even if they were all “melted” there would be a puddle of something on the ground?

Finally, take a look at the pile of trash of some kind in the middle. Now, if this was glass, it looks like more glass than what comes from the cars. Plus, the glass, IF it was blown out, what would make them blow out? Now, look at the concrete ceiling and how clean it is. It doesn’t look like it had been touched! In fact, it looks like a Photoshop image – as it’s so smooth and uniform looking. Concrete, especially in a parking garage is not finished off like that. OK, So if really part of the picture, the question remains – where did it come from? The debris did not come from the ceiling.

All of this leads me to say that this is not a normal fire; it did not happen as we were told. Who did it and why? One thing that can be ruled out, it was not done by the average criminal or even a terrorist group; this is advanced military -grade technology that only a government would have. We know that such strange fires happened in California a couple of months ago; now it’s happening in the UK.

Keep an eye for other strange fires and read the first news articles that appear and look at any pictures and videos that go along with it.


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