Liverpool Car Fire: Energy Beam Weapon Used Again?

Liverpool Car Fire: Energy Beam Weapon Used Again?

Sorry to bring this new for New Year’s 2018 but this just has to be reported.

Some kind of energy beam weapon must have been used again, this time in a parking garage in Liverpool, England which destroy 1,400 cars!

This is not a normal fire. How can concrete spread a fire? How can an ordinary fire burn cars? Yet we see cars being burned. The temperature for fire to burn metal is much higher than that to burn wood. The only time a car would burn is if the gas tank would get on fire.

Ask yourself these questions (and others that you can think of) while you are looking at these pictures. Click Here.

Think of it, when have we read of many cars being destroyed without the building that contains them? The fact that this has never happened should tell you that something is not right.

I’ll probably add more but for now, it’s New Year’s Day.


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