The So-called Lunar Eclipse of the Moon

The So-called Lunar Eclipse of the Moon

From an 1895 flat earth pamphlet

The so-called shadow of the Earth on the Moon is “proof” by our globalist friends of the movement of planets.

The so-called shadow is not always round, it was once noticed to be “a dark isosceles triangular shape;” but a straight object would give a curved shadow upon a sphere as you may prove by holding a straight-edge before an apple by gas light, but it has never been shewn that the Earth could possibly cast a shadow on the Moon. If the Earth cut off the Sun’s light from the Moon, the Moon ought to go quite dark during the eclipse, but it does not, its light shines through the supposed shadow.

A semi-opaque but dark Moon came between us and the luminous Moon and so caused the lunar eclipse. Astronomers admit that there are dark bodies in the Sky. It may be the Moon is “ eclipsed ” by getting into a mass of “ thick darkness ” which revolves around and over the Earth in an opposite direction to the Sun, this thick dry foggy atmosphere obscures the Moon’s rays but does not obliterate them. It cannot be admitted that the “ Earth’s Shadow” causes an eclipse, because Sun and Moon have both been seen above the horizon during an Eclipse of the Moon, and we know from other sources that these Bodies revolve over a Plane Earth. B. Blount.

The Creator of the Moon declared—and thereby confirmed as absolute truth, the inspired account as given by the Holy Spirit in Gen. i., 16—that the Moon’s light is an inherent light, hence Moonlight (Matt, xxiv., 29). This is confirmed by every practical investigation. Is there a scientist living who would try to “eclipse” the light of a policeman’s bulls-eye lantern by putting a globe between it and another? Besides; and this should never be lost sight of, the so-called “ shadow” always commences to eclipse the Moon from the East side, therefore overtaking, and passing on in the same direction as the Moon is travelling! But, if the so-called shadow proof—is only a shadow— of globularity was an absolute proof; and not a mere “ hypothesis to explain phenomenon,” then the shadow would meet the Moon and not overtake it as it does. Again, the speed of the earth in its orbit compared with the speed of the Moon in its orbit, utterly, from a globular stand point, proves the falseness of the so-called proof and for ever closes the mouths of all opponents! They claim that the earth is travelling in an orbit round the sun at the “rate of 68,305 miles an hour,’’ while the Moon is travelling in an orbit round the earth, and consequently must of necessity move faster than the earth or about 180,000 miles an hour. It is therefore utterly impossible that the shadow travelling at the rate of 68,305 miles an hour can overtake the moon travelling at 180,000 miles an hour. What an infinite difference is shewn to exist between absolute fact, and conjectural and illogical theory.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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1 Response to The So-called Lunar Eclipse of the Moon

  1. Cyber says:

    I agree that the fact that the Sun was seen above the horizon during some lunar eclipses disproves the shadow theory. In addition to that the moon sometimes turns red during an eclipse. I wonder how a shadow could do that.

    Another thing that I find noteworthy is that the light of the moon never seems to scatter like the the Sun’s light does. The Sun gets red when it is far away due to the scattering of it’s light, but I have never seen a red moon except during a lunar eclipse.

    Personally I think that phases and lunar eclipses are caused by the moon itself. I think that it just turns off and on that way. Though I am very uncertain about this.


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