Polar Exploration

Polar Exploration

Geographers In Congress

Dr. G. Neumayer (Hamburg), dealt with the ‘ Scientific Exploration o f the Antarctic Regions.’ H e said inter alia; ‘Any conclusion which may be drawn from records of Meteorological and hydrographical data, at present in existence, must of necessity be incomplete and fallacious! I t is of high importance, to furnish accurate geodetic data to determine the figure of our globe! A gravity survey would be of the highest importance. The study of the phenomena of ice, the origin and nature of icebergs…without which it will be difficult to arrive at definite results respecting the various epochs of the earth’s existence. Connected therewith is the nature of ice-caps, which probably cover the region surrounding the South Pole! The question of the causes of the variability of geographical latitude { the undulations of the earth’s axis), will probably be greatly elucidated. He hoped that the grand example set fifty years ago on the field of South Polar Exploration, might be renewed in our days!”

Sir Joseph Hooker, who was introduced by the Chairman, as the only survivor of Sir James Ross’ Expedition, said : “He believed he was right in saying that the key to the future knowledge of terrestrial magnetism, lay very much in the ascertainment of the exact position of the South Magnetic Pole. We knew nothing of the meteorology of the whole of that enormous area, and could only at the best, make guesses, and assumptions!”

We conclude from the foregoing, that it is the modern scientists, and not the ancients, who know nothing of the shape of the Earth.

In reference to the great, un-penetrated, southern circumferential ice-barrier, and its unexplored beyond; these “learned men,” impose upon the world, their weak hypotheses, and vain theories; their confessed ignorance, guesses and assumptions; and declare there is a magnetic spot or centre, which they term a ‘South Pole’ in order to uphold their whirling Globe theory. But the ‘Geodetic data’ for mysticism is passing away, and the unprejudiced thinking world now ask for witnessing facts, sound knowledge, exact science, and truth!

Clement, the first co-Pastor or co-Bishop of Rome in his first epistle to the Corinthian Eulesia (included in one o f the ancient collections of the Canon of Scripture) writes:

“The unfathomable and unsearchable floods o f the deep, are kept by His command; and the conflux (hollow or depth) of the vast sea, being brought together by His order into its several collections, passes not the bounds that H e has set it, but as he appointed (commanded), so it does remain. For He said : ‘Hitherto shalt thou come, and thy floods shall be broken within thee. The ocean, impassible to mankind, and the worlds that are beyond it. are governed by the same commands by their great Master.” Chap. ix., 9-12. Archbishop Wake’s translation.

Until Astronomers, Geographers, and so-called scientists, give us facts for fiction, truth for ignorance, and also discover “The South Pole,” and its “Ice-Cap,” all believers in the Deity’s graciously revealed Word, must reject and resist the infidels who practically deny and make void the Holy Inspired Writings! Clement’s epistle was read in the primitive Ecclesias, an evidence of its authority. Photius, the Patriarch of Constantinople, in the 9th century, and others, have objected to its genuineness, because Clement speaks of “Worlds beyond the Seas!” The Apostle-taught Clement is a far higher authority than the man-taught Photius! Scripture and Reason, condemn the learned lumber, of false philosophers, with their guesses, silly senile suppositions and assumptions!

Thesemen insist contrary to natural laws, and also contrary to logic; that The Earth is a whirling Globe, going round with other motions, at a terrific rate, carrying on its surface moveable objects, enveloped in rare air ! Simply upon theory and without a single proof!

Beyond the circumferential southern ice-bound oceans Clement declares that the are “Worlds!”

The Bible also emphatically declares:

The pillars of the earth are Jehovah’s. He hath set the world upon them.” 1 Sam. 2:8

Of old Thou hast laid the foundations of the earth.” Ps. 102:25

Ye enduring foundations of the earth.”  Micah 6:2

Thou hast established the earth and it abideth.” Ps. 69:20

The world also is established that it cannot moved.” Ps. 106:10 and 103:1

Jehovah founded the earth on its bases, that it should not be moved forever, and beyond!” Ps. 106:5

For He hath founded it upon the seas and established it upon the floods.”  Ps. 24:2

What are, so-called, Christian Hierarchies, with their multitudes of Priests and Parsons doing, that they should allow these infidel Globites to dupe and mislead the people? Is it because they are mere hirelings!? Either the Bible lies or its opponents! Which? How can there possibly be a “ South Pole,” and an “Ice-Cap,” to the unknown Antarctica.

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