What Handwriting Analysis Reveals About Donald Trump

What Handwriting Analysis Reveals About Donald Trump

So, how do you learn more about Donald Trump than what he would tell you and what the media will tell you? You can find out more by the knowledge of certain sciences. The first one we’ll start off with is handwriting analysis. What many people don’t know is that handwriting analysis is a science, unlike tarot cards which is ‘the devil’s work.’ Handwriting analysis is used by courts of law in America; it is used by large corporations in France when hiring people. What handwriting analysis does, in part, reveals the character of the person. Before you judge, check out this video. Especially listen to the last minute and a half and keep in mind that this was made before Trump was elected President.

Trump’s Mineral Deficiencies as Revealed by Facial Analysis

By looking at the person you can tell if what minerals they are deficient in, as the video below shows.

Donald Trump and Body Language


Donald Trump power of persuasion, mental tricks he uses.


After viewing the above videos, we have a much better idea of the state of mind and health of Donald Trump.

I hope you enjoy this post.

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