“Thou Shalt Not Judge NASA”

“Thou Shalt Not Judge NASA”

“Thou shalt not judge NASA,” is the logical conclusion of Judeo-Christian with their belief of “thou shalt not judge” mantra. The Bible says just the opposite if they just read it. You have the Book of Judges, for example, where God’s people were to live under a system of judges. Then we have the words of Jesus in how he talked to the Jew Pharisees, for example.

When people learn about the flat earth, they are judging. After all, how do you tell if a picture is a fake UNLESS YOU JUDGE IT? You simply can’t! How do you tell if someone is lying (on any subject)? You have to judge what he said compared to what you know or some other information that you hear.

Of course there are those who say they don’t judge but when it comes to every life they DO JUDGE. You can not have a day pass without judging. Crossing the street you have to judge weather you should cross the street on not by looking at the car down the road. You have to judge the distance and speed and your ability to cross street in time. Then, you have someone who told you a story about your friend and you have to judge if that story is true or not. You have a person who accused of a crime so you have to judge if he committed the crime or not. Yet, Judeo-Christians are great in being able to hold two contradictory statements in their mind at the same time yet don’t see the contradiction in it.

I won’t get into all the verses in the Bible where we are to judge. And I won’t get into the verses that people use to support their “thou shalt not judge” belief to show were it is taken out of context, as this would lead to a big article. If I did, you dear Supporters, will wonder why there hasn’t been any posts for the past few days, as it would take time to write something in depth. There is plenty of information on this; there booklets and sermons on this topic out there. However, I will include a file that has all the verses in the Bible where the word “judge” is. Read those verses and decide for yourself if you should judge others or not. Don’t be influence if your conclusions are not politically correct or that it might offend someone. Just read it and, excuse me for saying, judge what you have been told and compare it to your own conclusions. CLICK HERE for the list of “judges” in the Bible.

Judging and the Flat Earth

As you know you had to do a lot of judging to come to the conclusion that the earth is flat. You might have come from a church that said that judging others are wrong. Well, with the flat earth, you had to make a decision if what you were told was true or not; of what your pastor told you was true. Perhaps you never let the two come side-by-side where you have to make a comparison.

Astronomers, teachers, professors, European Space Centre workers, NASA, and the media, to name a few, has been telling us lies about the the earth and space. When we are told this, we have to judge if they were telling us the truth or not. In fact, when you first heard about the flat earth, you had to judge if you were being told a lie. You probably had thought if I was telling a lie – if this website was here you first heard about the flat earth. Well, you made a decision; whether you are a flat earth believer or a globe earth believer, you had to make a judgement based on what you learned.

There have been many lies that we have been told by the alternative media, for example, and what we are told by pastors and priests. You had to make a decision on who is telling the truth. I know that I did and I came to the conclusion that what I learned from Christian/Patriotic sources was the truth (for the most part) than what was told in the church that I went to. I’m sure you have your own story, too.

So, let’s all judge but judge righteously and according to how God wants us to judge; to judge without fear or favour.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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