Hidden Technology Online

Hidden Technology Online


Thousands of Inventions Kept From Public View

Many you know that the military/industrial complex has secret technology that is well in advance of what we are told. I’m sure you have heard of alternative forms of energy that is free or nearly free that has been suppressed. We know the reasons for this: it will stop some companies making a profit. An example is the oil industry, which makes money from selling oil, naturally. Well, if an alternative form came on the market that does not require oil to produce energy, they will not want you to have it. You will not hear the truth about these forms of alternative energy from the media and corporations as they will use their stock lie and say, “It has not been proven.”

 hidden-inventions-2  Throughout the years, there have been inventors offered money, so they sell out to the corporations. An example is, $50,000 plus 5% royalty fee. The invention never goes on the market, so the inventor is not getting the millions he hoped for. This is small change for a large corporation. If the inventor does not sell out, he is threatened. If that doesn’t work, an “accident” is arranged and his invention is stolen from his workshop.

Names of Inventions

Here are the names of just a few of the many inventions:

  • Ionic magnetic power charger
  • Hendershot fuelles motor
  • Coil generator
  • Water-alcohol fuel reactor
  • Ehrenhaft magnetolysis/magnetic current
  • Hydrogen generator
  • Optical electrostatic generator

Plus many, many more.

Better Ways of Doing Things

Then, we have better, cheaper and more effective ways of doing things that we are not told about. Or, if you hear of them they are “poo, pooed.” One example is in the field of agriculture. We are told by companies like Monsanto and Du Pont that we need fertilizers and insecticides in order to grow our crops. If we don’t use them, our crops will be ravaged by insects. There are many ways to maintain good soil and grow healthy crops without chemicals. They include but not limited to:

  • 1-2% of salt water and sprayed on the crops
  • putting crushed rocks in the soil
  • rotating the crops
  • have smaller acreage of the same kind of crops

Have you heard of any of this? Probably not – at least not in the media. Did you know that salt from the ocean contains nearly all the known minerals that plants need? The same goes for crushed rocks (I’m sure it depends on the type of rocks). Then God tells us that we should rotate our crops and on the seventh year let our ground rest (this should be done on the same year for the whole nation).

We are told, “You can not use salt water on crops – it will kill them.” Yes, this is true IF you take the ocean water without diluting it and pour it on the crops. But if you put 1, 2 or 3% (according to the type of crops you are watering), it will provided the nutrients that your crops need.

Healthy crops can stand up to insects and inclement weather. The healthier the crops, the healthier we would be. Farmers are not told this for a simple reason – money. As you can see from the above, you can’t make much money using these methods; chemicals can’t be sold if a farmer goes and gets his own salt water from the ocean. As for crushed rocks, the cost of that is much less than artificial fertilizer.

This website has over 1,000 links on the website to various articles, diagrams and blueprints. You can spend years reading all the information.

Concealed inventions is a massive cover up – just like the flat earth truth. “The Powers That Be” don’t want us to know about a better and cheap way of doing things so as they can continue to control us and, at the same time, make money off of us. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against making a profit and I’m not against free enterprise but there are better ways of making money.)

The website that I’m talking about is: http://rexresearch.com

If you are really interested in what they have but you are overwhelmed by all the information you many want to copy, you can order a DVD that has their complete website on it. With the information that the government doesn’t want us to know, it would be good to get a copy of the DVD. If you have ever thought of growing food for your family, this DVD would be worth it. If you don’t have the internet for some reason, you’ll have the 10,000 articles (or whatever amount they have) all in one place.

After going through this massive website, you can see how much more prosperous our country would be, how much clearer our air, water and soil would be. This is what society should be if we did things God’s way.

In conclusion, Rex Research link will be put in the Link section of this website so you can go back to it in the future.

Happy reading!

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