Patriots Who Support Homosexuals

Patriots Who Support Homosexuals

patriots who support homosexuals

It’s sad to see Patriots and even those who call themselves Christians support the homosexuals. They think that somehow this is patriotic and even Christian. Case in point is, Mike Adams and Alex Jones. Then, there is a guy who has a big Christian website that has a lot of good articles but he is totally off base when it comes to the homosexuals. I don’t want to focus on this guy as there are others like him – unfortunately – but I had noticed something that shows some twisted thinking.

There are three categories of Christians when it comes to their comments concerning queers, they are:

Then, you have those who condemn the homosexual out right and support everything that God says. This is the true Christian.

Those who support them 100 % and don’t see any sin in them. There are churches that have homosexual preachers and perform homosexual marriages.

Then, there are those who condemn the queers, quote scripture where they are wrong but they go on to say that they “hate the sin but love the sinner,” trying to sound like it’s Christian to do so.

It is the last group that I want to talk about as I find their thinking twisted to say the least. Here, you have Judeo-Christians say sodomy is wrong and can show it from Scripture but they stop right there. They go into the statistics of how many of them have AIDS, how many of them beat their partners, how many of them have murdered many people, etc. But they don’t read the rest of what they quoted, of what God says we should do with these kinds of people. They read the verses that support their agenda and end with, “But we should still love them.”

These people who quote Scripture that says being a sodomite is wrong, also say that “the Law has been done away with.” If they really believe that, why do they get upset against the queers in the first place? If you quote any Commandments from the Old Testament and support it, you can’t say that “the Law has been done away with.” So, what good Christians should do is:

support God’s laws, statues and judgements

do NOT say that the laws, statues and judgements have been done away with

AND, there must be the punishment for sodomites – according to the Bible

There is one “Christian” whose name is Rick that has a website that talks on, among other topics, of the homosexuals. He says that “we should love the sinner but hate the sin.” Then, he says that if you die in your sin, i.e. homosexual, you’ll go to hell. This would really be funny if it’s not so sad. Think about it, if are to still love the sinner – no matter what they have done – as this is what God wants us to do. Then, how can God, in his mercy, send the queer off to hell and burn for eternity? What this guy is saying is, “I love you but you will have to burn in hell forever. But don’t take it personally. Remember, I still love you.” I hope you see the absolute twisted thinking he and millions of other Judeo-Christians have. (That’s good that they call themselves Judeo-Christian, as they are not Christian.)

I’d rather have someone say they hate me but that when I die, I’ll just be dead in the ground – as this would be much more merciful. It’s sad, but there are many people who are not Christian hear a sermon like this, realize that the thinking is twisted, shake their heads, turn and run and would have nothing to do with Christianity. That’s why it’s so important to get the word out to those who only heard the twisted logic from those who call themselves Christians but are not.

There is one more person who really knows what is going on in the world and is against the New World Order says, when she talks about the queers. She points out that AIDS was created by the U.S. Government to kill homosexuals. Now, she is against homosexuals but she focuses on what the government did – that it’s a crime. But she stops short of the punishment that they should get while here on earth. Yet, by reading her other articles, she knows a lot about the Bible. So, when it comes to this topic, she just says that it’s wrong but mentions nothing of God’s punishment for these people. My question is, whose side is she on?

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