Fake Pictures in World War II

Continuing with our fake pictures used by the media, one of the biggest and longest use of fake pictures concerns WW II. Here are just a very few of what was used during and after WWII.

Every war has to have it’s atrocities and one way to create it is with doctored pictures. In World War II, doctored pictures were used a lot and it increased after the war to create a political agenda, to create a new social order, if you will.

People have to be stirred up and great hatred has to be created in order for a solider to go out and kill someone else. And one way to do that is to create lies about the enemy. What better way to do that then to portray the enemy as ruthless killers. When you can show that the enemy kills innocent people and that they will take over the world, it’s easier for our own soldiers to kill them in battle.

Here are a couple of pictures to create a false reality of what really happened.




fake picture world war 2


fake picture world war 2


fake picture world war 2

As you can see from the above photos, the doctored pictures are to make the German soldiers look like they killed an innocent person.




concentration camp

Many fake photos were used in order to support the holocaust, as the above pictures illustrate. Now, I know that this many be a very delicate subject for you. “How dare you doubt the holocaust!” Well, his is what some governments of the world would want you to believe and if you don’t, you can go to prison for a couple of years. Well, if it’s the truth, why the prison? Think about it, a person is allowed to not believe in Christ and nothing will happen to him. But if they doubt what happened to the Jews in WWII, you go to prison.

There are many more pictures of doctored pictures used in support of the holocaust, but they seem to be mysterious missing on the internet. I wonder why? Years ago I purchased a book that was filled with many photos, authored by a person named William Grimstead. But at least with this one photo that I was able to find, it should be enough to prove my point.

Whole scholarly books have been written about the holocaust and you can find some free ones on the internet. For those who don’t know about this part of history and think that we have been told the truth about WW II, I know you would have 101 questions but this is getting off the topic for this article as I want to concentrate on altered photographs that achieves a political end.

History is a set of lies agreed upon by the victors.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Here is a revisionist magazine titled, The Barnes Review. Check out the article titled: The Crematoria at Auschwitz

Click Here

With the advent of computers and Photoshop, it’s much easier to altered pictures to such an extent that only an expert can tell the difference. This has been used extensively to “prove” that there is a heliocentric Universe out there.

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