The Manipulation of Our Reality

Is Hollywood Creating Our Own “Truman Show”?

Continuing in our talk on fake pictures and videos, have you seen The Truman Show? If you haven’t, this is one of the few Hollywood films worth seeing. You can see a trailer of this on YouTube. The film stars Jim Carrie who is born in a mock-up town filled with actors and actress but in reality, a TV series is made of him. Well, our world has been manipulate and is still manipulate by a false reality. Think of the time when you first accepted that the earth is not a globe but flat, that the Heaven is literally right above you. I remember how I felt when I accepted this truth; my whole reality seemed to change.

One of the easiest ways for Hollywood to change scenes is to use a “green screen.” The actors are actually on stage and not on the location that you see in the film. While this technique is good for making films, think of how easy it is to show that “we landed on Mars” for example. T

Take a look at the green screen used in these films below…

With filming be so real, like the one above, you can see how easy it is to say that man has been on another planet. When people say we have landed a rover on Mars, just tell them about Hollywood’s use of green screen. (Though, with a lot of footage about the Mars rover, the filming is done on a remote location and filmed with a tinted lens to give it the look of Mars. Mars was depicted from the start to look very similar to earth so faking would be easier.)

Then, of course, there are computer graphics. Just take a look at the sci-fi films and how real they look; take a look at videos games and how real they look like. So, using this technique it’s easy to fool people that there are real planets out there. There was a time when you can rely on what you see but if what you see is on video, it’s so easy to be fooled. Just remind your globe earth friends of what green screens and computer video software can do to manipulate your reality.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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