Know Your History

Traps That Are Written In History Books


The Bible is very clear in that we should know our history. Such verse are:

  • Deuteronomy 32.7
  • Psalms 77.5,11
  • Psalms 143.5
  • Isaiah 46.9
  • Acts 7
  • Hebrews 11
  • Romans 15.4
  • 1 Corinthians 10.11
  • Hebrews 10.32

author-rd  There is a specific view in how to write history if you want to be truthful. Charles Coffin sets the stage for American history. Now, the principles I’ll show you not only applies to America but for all nations.

Charles Coffin wrote a series of history text books for schools in the late 1800’s. History books are not written today as they should be. In the past, in the beginning of a history book you are told what teachers are to know in order to teach the course. This principle was also applied to any course that was to be taught.

This is what Charles Coffin wrote in the front of the first of his six history books, it reads:

“Notice that while oppressor have carried out their plans in history, there were other forces silently at work which in time undermined their plans – as if a Divine hand were directing the counter-plan.”

What this means is, that when an event is going in one direction it all of a sudden takes an unexpected turn. This, you’ll find all throughout history. During the American Revolution, when American troops were captured by the British, the commander unexpectedly decided to leave the Americans there; there is no place for them to go, so they could be taken care of tomorrow. Well, in the cover of night and the fog, George Washington had his men get as many boats as possible, sneak on the island and bring them back to safety. This was done, and as the fog lifted the next morning, the British got a glimpse of the last boat on the horizon.

In other words, it God plans in the affairs of men. What made a Commander to do something foolish? What made George Washington do something daring? Cannot God, who can move in the minds of men, make them do His bidding? How was it that this happened when a fog rolled in AND Washington making the decision at the same time? That’s because there is a divine hand that moves in; God has His plans that counters man’s plan.

Coffin continues:

“Whoever pursues the story of liberty without recognizing this feature will fail of fully comprehending the meaning of history.”

You will never understand the reason, the times, how things happens if you don’t recognize God’s hand in the affairs of man.

“There must be a meaning to history or existence is an incomprehensible enigma.”

That’s why history had become such a boring subject, as it has no meaning to it. It’s just a bunch of names, places, dates and events. But when you can show history has a meaning to it, it take on another dimension.

George Bancroft is considered the father of American history. He designed the first systematic recording of American history. Bancroft was the Secretary of War and the founder of the American Naval Academy. Look at what he said about history:

“The fortunes of a nation are not under the control of blind destiny, but follow the steps by which a favoring Providence, calling our institutions into being, has conducted the country to its present happiness and glory.”

Whenever something happens to a nation, you have to look at what God is doing with that nation.

Another important person in American history is Jedidiah Morse. His is called the “Father of American Geography.” He was a teacher and theologian during the founding of America. His son was the inventor of the Morse code. Here is what Jedidiah said:

“The office of a historian is 1) to record the progress of human affairs as directed by the providence of God; 2) to exhibit the connection of events, showing how an immense series is produced as cause and effect; 3) to display the character of man and of God.”

Supreme Court Justice James Wayne said, “History is _________? History is God’s providence in human affairs.” That’s the definition of history. This is what we call Providential History and this was how history was taught for the first couple hundred years when Europeans first came to what is now called America. We never thought of history as being secular. But God is never mentioned when we read about history of any event today.

This same principle also applies to your personal history or that of any other person. Ask yourself, what is moving you in a certain direction, of having certain experience? What is God’s role in your life?

Now, you have people who say, “You can’t teach this. You have people of other faiths, you have those who don’t believe in God. And, besides, we must have secular teaching in the schools.” The groups that don’t want God mentioned at all are the usual: atheists, agnostics, Communists, Marxist Socialists. But you also have the Christians who say the same thing, why is this? We read in Luke 6.40 “Every student, when he is fully trained, will be like his teacher.”

So, if you have a whole generation of people who have been taught education without God, they, in turn, will believe what their teachers told them.

Years ago a survey was done that found that about 79% of the students that go to college will lose their Christian faith.

It’s common for Professors to ask their students, “Who are Christians here?” Then after some kids raise their hands, he’ll say, “You won’t be by the time you leave school.” Then he will grill and ask questions on certain Christian issues of why they believe the way they do. Now, most Christians don’t know their Bible well enough to defend their faith.

How to Recognize Traps

knowing-4-traps  When anything is written and it’s not the truth there is a trap of some type involved. In reading history books there are certain traps that are used to fool the reader or student. A farmer will tell you that traps will not work if the animal is familiar with it. Until then, they will be fooled. So, it is with humans, if you recognize a trap you should be able to avoid it the next time.

A squirrel or a skunk will not go into a trap again IF they have avoided a previous one. That is why traps come in different styles. If you set out a trap and have not captured that varmint the chances are it knows how that trap looks like.

For among my people are found wicked men: they lay wait, as he that setteth snares; they set a trap, they catch men. (Jer 5:26)

Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices. (2Co 2:11)

So, let’s find out what to look for when someone is lying to us. These traps you’ll also find in media and politics.

Any time when you read something of the following or, if you are in class, when your teacher talks on:

There are no transcendent values in history or government; each individual must interpret them for himself according to the standards he makes for himself.

When a judge says something like, “We are under a Constitution but…” When they say “but” he is ready to go off in a different direction. “…but the Constitution is what we interpret it to be.”

This is why we don’t put God in history any more because when you do, it means we have to abide by His values and not man’s values. When you leave God out, you leave out the “cause and effect” of history. With God there are absolute values – there is a right and a wrong.

Persons have value not on the basis of who they are individually but rather on the basis of the groups with which they identify.

Chief on Nationalisation wrote this in How to Become An American Citizen, Nationalization Laws of The United States, 1919. In the beginning of this book it says:

“An American is a man who is greater in his soul than in his class, creed, political party, or the section in which he lives.

“To be an American, a man must have an American soul and believe in the spiritual realities upon which America rests and out of which America was born.”

“America was created to united mankind by those passions which lift and not by the passions which separate and debase. We came to America to get rid of the things that divide and make sure of the things that united.”

What are those spiritual qualities that is talked about? Those spiritual values are Christian. Therefore, it goes without saying that only Christians can make good Americans (author’s note).

History books today emphasizes groups and group right rather than individuals and individual rights.

How do you avoid this trap? Well, since we know that the text books and media pushes this group and that group, ask yourself if this is biblical. Did Christ die for the group or for the individual? The individual – among His chosen people. It’s not group salvation it’s individual salvation.

Modernism: Examines historical incidents as if they had occurred today, and historical persons as if they lived today, rather than in the past. This separates history from its context and setting.

How often do you see a movie where the setting took place in the 1800’s and the kids talk back to their parents as they do today? What does this do? It implies – at the very least – that this is the way kids always behaved towards their parents; that if it was OK back then, it’s OK now.

If you look at the Unitarians today and what they believe in and you read about what Unitarians did in 1789, you would say, “See, they were not Christians because Unitarians believed that ‘all roads lead to Heaven.’ ” You would say this because you know that Unitarians today believe this and you would think that this is what they believed back 200 plus years ago. Well this is not true, because what they believed in the 18th and early 19th Century is entirely different than what they believe in now. The different Christian denominations have changed a lot over the centuries. If you don’t know the changes that were made over time you will not be able to get a true understanding of history; you would be easily fooled.

What Modernism is, is that what is now is the way it has always been – and this is not true.

The Bible admonition is:

“Call to remembrance the former days. Remember the days of old. Consider the generations long past.”

Academic Collectivism: A heavy reliance on peer-reviews as the almost exclusive standard for this historical truth. Experts quote each other and those from their group rather than consulting original sources.

This you often find in history books today. If you look at the history of WWII, for example, you will have “one expert” quoting another “expert” who wrote a previous book; then you’d have a third person quoting the second one and so on – while none of them have source notes. None of them used original sources of letters, diaries of what a German commander wrote, etc. And a lot of these experts quote the “witness” who was there but it was found out that this person lied and even admitted so later.

In history, you can often compare one history book to another about an event and you’ll find that it’s often different with just the main events and person kept the same. You’ll notice a trend that what history books today do is, they keep the old liberal/leftist/communist belief and inject this in their history and in the characters of people past.

Now, if you should write something different than what professors write, they will say, “You are not an expert. Your writing is not factual.” How people become professors is that they have all be taught the same lie, and when they get their own class they repeat it. There are few who realise that they have been told a lie but still keep silent in order to not lose their job and not lose their tenure in office. Only a very few dare open their mouth and tell the truth. But when this happens they are ostracise from their profession; they are not asked to to write a history book. If they write on their own the publishers will not distribute their books.

These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so. (Act 17:11)

A steady flow of negatives about Western institutions, beliefs, and values in order to tear down the old certainties upon which Western Christian Culture is founded.

Here is an example of “negatives” or “omissions” that are used in text books today. In the book, Don’t Know Much About History, there is a section on Patrick Henry:

“Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?…I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

What was omitted by the “…”? The words “Forbid it, Almighty God!” You would think that the editor could put in those four words! They have plenty of space to do it; and why leave out the most important words that relates to God? You see, they don’t want students to know that our Founding Fathers believed in God; they don’t want you to believe in God.

The above mentioned book did this several times – using the ellipses – to make you think that our country was founded on secular principles or to make you think that our past leaders were not believers in God.

Here is another example about what the Puritans wrote in the Mayflower Compact:

“We whose names are under-written… do by these presents solemnly and mutually in the presence of God,” What is missing again? “having undertaken for the glory of God and advancement of the Christian faith”

This is all part of tearing down the Western Christian Civilization on which America was built.

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