The Weird Gets Weirder

Just when you’ve thought you’ve seen it all!

hurricane-cgi-monster  Just yesterday I was looking at a photo of Hurricane Matthew that hit Haiti and Cuba is now heading towards Florida. The caption said it was taken by the International Space Station (yea, sure). I thought that these hurricanes we’ve seen come from high flying planes – which many of them do. But yesterday I thought, “I bet that they are CGI made, too, just like all the satellite and planet photos.”

Well, my silent thought was answered today with this photo I saw on RT News website (see above), with the caption: Satellite images show ‘monstrous’ storm bound for US Yea, sure! Do you see the macabre image of a “monster?” Notice the smile, the teeth and the red eyes! You can also make out what would be the nose. It’s strange that the eyes (which is where the intensity of the storm is, then grey clouds, then the mass intensity of the storm again around the irregular shape of the clouds. This is much like the CGI clouds that are made for the globe earth.

Click Here for the original article.


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