How Satellites Are Launched

Satellites Are Not Launched by Rockets

satellite-launch-2  All of this is new to me, so I posted it here hoping that it will be news to others, too.

We have all seen rockets shoot up to the sky that is supposedly carrying a satellite of some sort. Well, here are pictures taken from a video of a satellite being lifted off by a helium balloon from the Antarctica.

The pictures here show a truck with a crane holding the satellite in place until the balloon reaches high enough to lift it off the ground.

satellite-launch-3  The round dome at the top of the satellite is what the C-140 cargo plane communicates with.

As you know a balloon no matter what kind can only go so high. If it goes too high it will burst and fall to the ground. So, no way can satellites, AS WE ARE TOLD, can go into space with a balloon.

The balloon satellite launches goes to altitudes that are higher than what commercial or military planes fly. This one, according to the video, said it went to about 80,000 feet during the day and at night it drops (because of contraction of the gas) to about 60,000 – 65,000 feet. In either case, it’s well above the cloud level. Then, when the sun rises again, the balloon along with the satellite attached rises.

satellite-launch-4  If you notice it has solar panels on it, which, I assume, provides the electricity it needs. So, it is this that people see when they say that can spot a satellite fly by.

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