Safe To Expose Hoaxes Now

Safer To Expose Hoaxes Now

Continuing from the moon landing hoax (Click Here) you may think why it was not exposed back in 1969 with the first landing. That’s a good question.

No Internet

My thoughts are, that back in 1969 and the early 70s, when we were “going to the moon,” people did not have access to the internet, they did not have video clips that they could save and view closely again and again. In America you had the “big three networks” and no other choice of stations. You did not have computers to view videos and save them. So, people could not examine them for errors back then.

You could not exchange ideas and share research as you can now. You saw the video one time on TV and you were lucky, you saw them again.

Trust in Government

Back in the early 1970s, people trusted their government, with the exception of the Vietnam War, which some people were waking up to. But then, even these anti-war protesters would never have thought that going to the moon was filmed in some sound stage right here on earth.

Assuming that there were some people who saw that it was a fake, could not get their voice out. With the complete media being under the influence of the government, they would never print a story of the fake moon landing. So, how would the little guy get his word out? It would cost a fortune to put ads in the newspaper – if such were allowed. Even if someone did, he would be looked on as a “nutter”. Just like the early flat earther society that existed then. Did you ever hear of them? I was a young man at the time and I never heard of them. The Flat Earth Society back then just had a small publication that went to perhaps a few hundred people and that was the extent of its circulation.

The Russians

The Communist Russians scientists knew that the moon landing was a hoax. They knew that the earth was flat but they didn’t come out with the news for several reasons. First, living under the murderous antichrist system called Communism, you’d be killed in a short time. If you were “lucky” you’d be sent to a gulag camp. Even if you did announce it, who would you announce it to? The Communist newspapers would not print it. As soon as you mentioned the moon landing by the Americans were a fake, some Communist official will see that you were out of a job real quick.

The game had to be played, and this game was agreed upon by both sides – even though it was the “cold war.” Why? There could be several reasons:

Keep the money rolling in

Keep the people under control

Heliocentric model supports the evolution theory

Evolution supports the godless antichrist Communist system

You see, it was in the interested of Soviet Russia to keep this hoax afloat, for, if they exposed it, their own people might question other aspects of the Universe with its planets and suns.

Other Hoaxes

Today, with the internet it’s much harder for the governments of the world to contain their lies. In the past if something was exposed and they only had one, or, maybe a couple of people who was willing to expose something, they were quietly done away with by arranging “accidents” or “suicides.” But now, with the internet, millions of people can learn the truth about something. When such information goes on a social media site, the information goes viral. So, there is no way to silence all these people. Of course, the mainline media – including their websites – will still spin their lies but people see through it now. That is why alternative news sites gets more views than the “politically correct” newspapers.

People Still Get Killed

Yes, there are people who still get killed with something that is not generally known. An example of that is, people who were connected to Bill Clinton when he was President. Some kids who saw the drug shipment into Medina, Arkansas, were murdered back when he was Governor of Arkansas.

The U.S. would like to get their hands on Julian Assange, too. Of course, they would put him away in prison somewhere and never be heard of again. So, hoaxes are dangerous to expose. But when it come to things like false flags and staged events, where there is video and audio of the event, there’s not much the Feds can do.

Do the Feds Really Care?

Do the Feds really care if the truth gets out in some of these false flags? In the past, the government would have been scared and would silence that person but now, they are not fearful. Why? One reason is, that the people are so dumbed down, that they don’t care. Others are so brainwashed that they still believe their government. Finally, for those that do wake up, for the millions that do see the false flag of an event – like us – but what can we do?

The government knows that even if millions know 9-11, and that it was an inside job, all that we can do is talk about it. The government knows that the most truth seekers can do is, write blogs, post videos, and send messages on social media. No group of people have taken up arms against them and they feel confident it will remain like this in the future. My guess is, that they say something like this among themselves, “They can talk about what they want but that is all it will be; our plans will go ahead as planned.”

What the Governments Fear Most

I believe what the governments fear most is what what the Christians haven’ been doing and that is:

Repent of our sins

Wait on Jesus Christ to answer our prayers

Then, and only then, will victory be ours. So, I hope you see that one of the biggest things that ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government) is afraid of is, Christians dong the above. Stop and think about this for a moment. Why would they care what we believe in if what we believe in has no power? The reason why they want to change Christianity OR get people not to believe in it at all, is that there is POWER in God’s Word.

This is where we, formerly Christian nations, are at today. Most people either don’t believe in Christianity, or believe in some false doctrine that is taught today by such people like Joel Osteen Ken Copeland and others. The real attack by the antichrists are those that are teaching real Bible truths. What group is that? Just take a look at the ADL site or Southern Poverty Law Center site and see what Christian teachings they hate. I’ll let the enemy tell you who they hate most, as that would be more revealing than if I told you it. Then go to that group, read what they have to say and ask yourself, “Does this make sense? Is this biblically correct?”

Do what our enemy hates most and you are most likely on Yahweh, God’s side.

About revealed4you

First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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