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NASA and “Operation Paperclip”

NASA hebrew to decieve

Here are some thoughts that I had today concerning the flat earth.

You have heard the story of Operation Paperclip, that they were German scientists who help start NASA. Some flat earthers use this as “proof” of the dark background of this space agency. There reasoning goes, “See, the Nazis started NASA and help spread the lies of heliocentric space and traveling into space…” This is nothing more than the truth twisted.

First, when you are a defeated nation and the rest of your people are living in poverty, many starving to death, over one million in General Eisenhower’s concentration camps (see the book: Other Loses), it’s not a nice place to be. When you are living under the barbaric antichrist system of Communism, as half of Germany was, you certainly don’t want to be there. Thus, when German scientists – not just rocket scientists – are offered to come to the U.S. and work, you will take that job. It’s a no brainer.

The antichrist Communists took their share of NS German scientists, and so did America. Yes, it was a secret for a number of years – this Operation Paperclip – but not for long. Why? Because it was not big deal. Do we not see videos of President Kennedy with Dr. Werner von Braun? And this was only 16 years after the war.

When these German scientists came to America, they were not all rocket scientists but those in other fields, as well, where the National Socialists were ahead of the Americans. Also, this was many year before NASA was even started. Back in the 1940s and early 1950s these Germans were simply working on the rocket and jet engines – for flight within our atmosphere. There was no plans of fooling anyone about flights to the moon and satellites to other planet; no CGI images to give to the media. All of this was pure research and development.

It was after NASA got started in 1958 and with the race to space with Communist Russia that the fakery started. And when it was started it was NOT by National Socialist German scientist. These men did not control NASA, they had not political influence, and certainly did not have the money to “pull the strings” of politicians to do their bidding. So, for some, and I repeat, some flat earthers to say, “See, the Nazis were behind this,” is simply a lie. No, it was the antichrists in the American government that was responsible for that and it continues to today.

When the faking of space flight was in full swing by NASA, do you think that the German scientists would risk their visas and expose this? These Germans were told to keep their mouths shut; they might have had to sign a paper not to divulge what they were doing. They all had top secret clearance, so you can be sure that they had to sign something. These German scientists were glad to have lived through the war, so they certainly don’t want to risk their lives by having an “accident” because they said, “Hey, this moon landing is a hoax, here is the proof.”

This leads me to another thought that I’ll post in another article titled: Safe To Expose Hoaxes Now.



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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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