The family values of Donald Trump

 Ready Donald Trump and family values were on display at the Republican National Convention, as some of children went to speak to the thousands in the audience.

As Christians we should look and dress appropriately and exhibit Christian values such as, honest work, respect and to love one another. This is what I saw in Melina Trump, Donald Trump Jr. Tiffany Trump. And I’ll probably see more as the other children get their turn to speak at the Republican National Convention.

It seems like what you see in the Trump family and how they turned out is not what is taught in the homes and schools across America. As a result, you see disrespectful children, bad manners, bad grammar, and of course, tattoos on their bodies.

The Message Not Said

It is the message that is not said by Donald Trump that will probably reach more people and have more effect than what he said he will do for the nation. People saw how his children behaved, who well dressed they were, their mannerism and good grooming. The unfortunate thing is, that across America you see the opposite in millions of children.

By Donald Trump having his children and wife give a talk in front of 10 million national TV viewers and thousands in the auditorium in Cleveland, Ohio, people saw how children should behave – those who are aware of good up-bringing.

Children of Former Presidents

In the history of American Presidents you never had a family like Donald Trump. (I know he has not been elected yet, but God willing he will be.) You had Presidents who had children, including the current one, but with many of them, you knew nothing about them; others you heard very little about.

Before technology, you did not have TV which allowed millions of people see what happened but we do have history. To my knowledge, no President since George Washington to the 20th Century, there a record of what their children did, how they acted, etc. I’m sure they were well behaved for Presidents who did have children. After all, no one had tattoos and body piercing and they were all brought up to be respectful to their parents in the 19th Century.

After the advent of TV, you had Presidents who did have children but they were grown up and little was said. Yes, they were respectful children and I’m sure that these Presidents were proud of their children. But for whatever reason, they were not present at the party national convention to give a speech.

Then, you have and had Presidents who had small children. The most famous was John Kennedy’s children, John and Caroline, but with them being small children at the time, they could not give speeches. Yes, they were beautiful children and grew up to be fine adults (until John, Jr. untimely death). The nation did see some family life of the Kennedy family, but there was no talk about the family. All that was shown was short videos of them playing on the White House lawn or at Camp David or at their family home in Massachusetts.

But with Trump’s children, the timing and circumstances are different. His children are adults AND were given the opportunity to speak to the millions of viewers. It’s one thing that a President don’t have children old enough and another that they did not speak to the supporters of their fathers.

By Trump having his children speak it was a very wise decision – one of the best during the whole campaign, It was not only a credit to Trump the father, but to his campaign in general. Millions of people saw how Trump brought up his children, which gives insight to him as a man; that he knows what should be done in the home. People already know what he has done in business. Now, they have some insight of how he is as a family man. So they should be more assured as Donald Trump as President of the United States.

Compare Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton and her family. She is a liar, thinks nothing about 4 Americans being killed, is reported to be a lesbian. She’s a woman’s liber, takes millions of money from special interest groups. Finally, as reported by a former Secret Service Agent working at the white house, she has a violent temper and had to protect the President from her! Now about Bill Clinton.

It’s known that many people who formerly worked around Bill Clinton were murders (though it was reported as an ‘accident’ or ‘suicide.’ You have the drug running ring in Arkansas when he was Governor. One state trooper said, ‘he has a nose like a vacuum cleaner,’ referring to his cocaine use. Finally, there are the reports of visiting prostitutes as Governor and there was the Monica Lewinski sex in the Oval Office.

In short, you have a great family in the name of Donald Trump, compared to the basket-case of the Clinton’s and their dysfunctional relationship. The only reason why they are still together instead of with their other partners is because of politics, as it always looks better to be together when in the public eye. But between the Trumps and the Clintons – there is no competition. The people see how the Clintons hate the common man.

People know that Trump is good in business. They have now seen that he has a good family life and this is what Americans need – a good family life.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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