Latest News on Donald Trump

Latest News on Donald Trump

You have noticed by now that I have more than flat earth news here. That is because you have other interest in life, including important ones. One of the most important ones is – who will be the next president of the United States? With that in mind, I will post news items of, what I think, are important national and international events of all kinds right here on Christian Flat Earth Here are some links to the latest news on Donald Trump – enjoy!

Donald Trump Clinches Republican Nomination

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Tiffany Trump addresses the Republican National Convention

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Interview with Donald Trump, Jr.

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Donald Trump: What we need is more law and order

“What we need is more law and order,” according to Donald Trump in a recent interview. This was said in light of the recent police shooting in Dallas and Baton Rouge. This is were I disagree with Trump.

That is our problem – more laws! Do you know that America has, collectively, about 1 MILLION LAWS ? With all these laws on the local, state and national level it has NOT helped. So, more laws is NOT the answer. What the answer is, is the right kind of laws. And when you have the right kind of laws, you don’t need all these laws. More about this later.

We don’t need more “order” either. The problem with all these laws is there is more ordering; the government is ordering you to do this, do that, don’t do this unless you get permission and paid a hefty permit fee, etc., etc.

When you do it God’s way, you have LESS LAWS and less ordering about to do this and do that. Take an antichrist Communist country for example, you have plenty of laws and order but is it the right kind of laws and order? No. you also DON’T HAVE FREEDOM. The word “freedom” is seldom heard in the Republican National Convention. Don’t get me wrong, I like Trump and I hope that he does win but this is just one issue that I want to address where I disagree on.

For decades you’ve heard politicians running for various offices say they want “more law and order,” and what have we got? And what did we get? More laws and order – or, should I say “ordering about.” This is one of the few areas that politicians fulfill their campaign promises but we don’t need more laws and order.

So, what did we get over the past could of decades? MORE crime and the wrong kind of order. So, history has shown that more laws are not the answer and it has not produced the order that Americans need. But Yahweh, God’s Laws does produce peace, safety AND freedom. There are about 650 laws of God that covers everything. The only thing that man should make is something that DOES NOT CONTRADICT God’s Laws.

For example, we should keep the law that says we should not go through a red light. However, if there is an emergency of some kind – like getting to hospital – then you should go through a red light. You should look both ways, of course. And you should not be given a ticket for doing so. God’s children should keep His Laws, and IF any other rules should be made it must not nullify or cancel in anyway God’s “perfect law of liberty,” as it is said in the book of James.

Maybe Trump knows this and will act accordingly when in office. If he doesn’t know this, I hope and pray that he learns about it.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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