My Flat Earth Experience

Continuing from the Post of Happy Birthday One Year Flat Earth Awakening, I’d like to add a bit more to this.


As previously mentioned, I had come to the flat earth through another alternative news website. This one is on the medical racket and how the Establishment keeps us sick. For you flat earthers that don’t know about this, I highly recommend that you go to: They have a ton of article on the subject as well as videos.

What I’m saying is, that if you are not into alternative news, conspiracies and such, you probably would not be on this flat earth site. That is why most people who do know about the flat earth are already aware of other government cover ups. For a few readers, the flat earth happened to come first THEN they learn about about the other cover ups such as: 9-11, money racket by international banks, lies to get us into wars, etc. So, if the flat earth is the first subject that is in the alternative news category, do not stop there, the lying and corruption goes deep; there are many ‘rabbit holes’ to go down.

The average Joe who only watches CNN, BBC News or watches trivial programs on TV, will more than likely not come across the flat earth information. IF they do, they probably don’t want to really listen and read what it’s all about. But for people who are into what the anti-Christs are doing will more than likely listen to what you have to say.

Back to the medical racket. If you think that the treatments that are given to us and the advice on how to stay well from the doctors is correct, kindly go to the above website to learn more. This cover up is as large as the flat earth, as it, too, is world-wide. Just watch a couple of these videos or read a dozen articles from and see if this makes sense to you. There are others alternative health sites that also have a lot of information on the medical racket. Another one is: Check it out; learn how to be healthy and stay healthy.


If you go to any health food shop or go to a natural health convention, tell the people about the flat earth! They would be a better audience than the average person on the street.

In short, when you are on a learning path and discovering the lies that have been told us, a whole new world opens up. You’ll learn about other truths about: Bible, health, history, banking, wars, flat earth and more.

If you are new to this and want to know how you find this information, one way to do is is by doing searches such as:

The truth about x (whatever your topic is)

x cover up

You can use the words: lie, cover up, fraud and conspiracy with your topic word. If you are on a major alternative news site, many times they will have many topics all in one place. Then, you may find even more by following their links. Alternative news sites often have a link to the original article, where that site could have someone on a topic that is not covered from the site you came from. Also, look for a Page tab that is named Links or References. What many website owners do is, they put other website addresses to go to. Site A might have just a little on the bioengineering, while Site B would have many more articles. When you read other cover ups and the like, you’ll see how all of this is connected and you’ll get the bigger picture. Normally, when you are on a major alternative news website, there are enough links to follow to keep you busy for a long time. These links will have links of their own where you can go. In time, you’ll be down every ‘rabbit hole’ there is!


About revealed4you

First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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