Happy Birthday One Year Flat Earth Awakening

One Year Ago: My Flat Earth Learning

It was 30 April, 2015

It has been exactly one year ago (30 April, 2015) that I woke up to the flat earth truth! I remember the day well. I shared it later in the day with my wife and she accepted it, too.

It was about 5.30 in the evening that I came across a site that had flat earth facts. My wife and I were in Cyprus at the time, I was in the dinning room on my computer and she was on the balcony (right outside the dinning room) talking to the neighbours who were on their balcony. I waited until she came in, which was about 6pm.

The flat earth news made sense to me, so I was able to accept it right away.

I was actually on another site that talks about the medical racket and how the medical establishment keeps us sick and do not give us effective treatments. But this website had other news as well. The website name address is: http://www.whale.to There was an article about the Challenger astronauts who were killed on the landing pad in 1986 saying they were still alive and they had a link to another site for the full article.

I knew about conspiracies and government lying but I had never heard of this – that these astronauts were still alive. So, I clicked on the link and this sent me to a flat earth site. When reading the article, I notice the Page names at the top of the website had: flat earth videos, flat earth gallery, flat earth library. I wonder, ‘What in the heck is this nonsense?’ Since a number of their Pages had the name ‘flat earth’ in it, I finally click on one. I saw a video by Eric Dubay, which had good pictures along with the audio.

IMG_2213 Two days later two friends of ours came over and I shared the flat earth news with them, too. When they came over, we were sitting on the balcony having our morning tea/coffee and looking at the Mediterranean Sea. I had told them I wanted to share some important news before they came over. I said to Bob and Else. Stand up and look at the sea; look at the horizon from left to right and tell me if everything looks normal to you. They looked and saw nothing unusual. I said, “Everything is flat, right?” And they agreed. Meanwhile, my wife, Jayne was smiling at them – knowing what I was up to.

They agreed that everything looked normal. I then added, “That’s the problem – it’s not suppose to be flat if we are on a globe; there should be a curve or a drop-off to the right and left of your view but there isn’t.”

Where we lived in Cyprus, we had a beautiful view of the hill going down, the homes below, and the Mediterranean Sea. A perfect place to point out the horizon. Since we were about 500 feet above sea level, it gave a view further out than if you were standing on the shore.

A couple of years before, from the same balcony, I had photographed a cruise ship at sea. I had it on one setting, took a picture than zoomed in and took another picture. I was able to zoom in more on my computer and I could see details of the ship and the water level that I could not see with my eyes. Of course, at this time I had no idea that this would play into proving a flat earth. Now, several years later, I looked out and see the world differently.

For the first week or two, and especially when I was with my friends on the balcony; I had literally a different view of the world. I’m sure you can relate to this and I’m sure you have your own unique story. Do you remember the day and the circumstances when you first learned about the flat earth? You might want to right it down someone where for reference.

After doing some talking, they had questions. I answered some of them but I couldn’t answer others, as I was just learning, too. I did show them part of one video while they were there. Then Bob, who did not believe in God as we do, said, “Then that means there is a God of the Bible.” I said, “Yes, there is.”

They were open minded and listened to what I had to say, which not everyone is like that. I said, “Do your own research, watch the videos and see if it makes sense to you; then make your own decision.”

Jayne and I had to fly back to England but we kept in touch with our friends. As the days went by, for the first couple of weeks, there was almost daily contact, via email, about what we learned on the flat earth. I answered more of their questions and told them what I had learned, too. That’s all we did in the beginning weeks of learning about the flat earth – and that was more research.

In fact, my zeal for the flat earth news and what this means prompted me to start a website – which you are on now. As you can see, this Christian Flat Earth Ministry was started back in May of last year – shortly after I learned about the flat earth myself. I took me a couple of weeks more of learning and organizing this information for me to get to the point of putting up this website. And, as you can see, I’m still going at it.

To this day they are flat earth believers. I hope you have a nice story of sharing this news with your wife or husband and with friends. Not everyone takes kindly to the flat earth news but those that do, it’s a pleasure to share in their joy.


About revealed4you

First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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