Russians Building Nuclear Engine to Take Man to Mars in 45 Days

Here is another indication that Russia is on the heliocentric conspiracy – claiming that they are building an engine that will take man to Mars. They might well be building a nuclear engine but it will not take them to space – and they know it.

Have you ever wondered why Russia never attempted to go to the moon? Because they knew that it was a fake from the beginning but they were smart enough not to waste money on such a project.

Russia’s nuclear agency, Rosatom, the General Director Sergei Kirienko said the nuclear engine will allow a spaceship to reach Mars in only 45 days.

Now, Russia has money to waste, while under Communism (when the American ‘moon landings’ were occurring) they didn’t have the money. You can be sure that in the years to come that IF you hear of a Mars mission, you can be sure that it will be staged. So, IF this does come out, and there if filming of ‘the landing’ like on the moon, you will be able to spot irregularities. Of course, this news could fall into the dustbin of history and you will not hear of any Mars mission.




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