Major Flat Earth Chat Room Taken Off Line

Flat Earth Chat Room

I recently found that a large flat earth chat room was taken offline. This was run by Eric Dubay and the name of his site was International Flat Earth Research Society. He had about 2,000 subscribers as well as thousands of guests. So far, I have not found the reason why this was taken down by When you go to his former site, you will be directed to a page that says it was in violation of section 25a. Now, what that means, I don’t know. If there are any Readers out there that do the know the reason, kindly respond to this Post. Thank you.

I have my suspicions of why Dubay – who is a not a Christian by the way – was taken down. He had a section on his chat room site that talked about conspiracies of various kinds. On of them was on Hitler and how he was right (which is a long story). This, I believe would peeve ‘the powers that be’ more than the flat earth. Probably someone said that this ‘was hate’ and claimed ‘anti-Semitism’ or some such nonsense.

We all know that the major news media is controlled and they don’t like any discussion on government conspiracies of any kind. Though, there are some that they do tolerate, there are others that can put you in prison in some counties. One such example is in Germany. Denying that six millions Jews were killed will land you in prison. This is the same in Austria, France and perhaps other countries.

Back to the main point of this article. What Eric failed to do was to ask for people to send them their regular email address. On the forum, when you are an Administrator, you can just send them messages within the forum. Another mistake he probably made is, that he did not copy on to his computer all the Posts – many of which had valuable information and insights.

Dubay has set up another forum but it had only about 49 member (when I looked). So, it’s down quite a bit from his previous one.

Eric Dubay was hostile to Christians, and that is one reason why I started Christian Flat Earth Ministry. Now it our chance to take the lead in the flat earth debate. While there are many Christian flat earthers, it seems that the leaders in the flat earth movement are agnostic, have some eastern belief of no belief at all.

Flat earth is about Creation and it’s about what the Bible says. I can not see how you can divorce Christ from this research but somehow keep God in! It’s really strange how some flat earthers will admit that there is a Creator and even call him God, but they take Christ out of the picture. In fact, I’ve seen Dubay and others who are not Christian have biblical references to the stationary flat earth but ignore the rest of the message of the Bible. The fact is, introducing people to the true story of creation, gives us an opportunity to tell others of the other Bible stories, including the saving power of Jesus Christ.



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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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