Flat Earth News: Sun Worship

Flat Earth News

Lancaster, California

July 1976

Flat Earth Society International

Charles K. Johnson, President

Sun Worship

Sun Worship the present day claim the “sun” is the center of our universe, is the same pagan heathen sun worship Israel of Old was warned against and cursed for practising or “believing”! This demented idea came from India.

Let an observer stand by night directly under a lamp-post; the light above him will cast no side shadow. If he moves northwards his shadow will fall towards the north; and if he goes south his shadow will fall southwards. If the light were extended by a number of gas jets above his head, say for ten feet, then an observer moving that distance underneath he would still see no shadow. That is, the vertical rays of the light would cast no shadow for a distance equal to its own extent. Now, apply this reasoning to the shadows of the vertical objects cast by the sun’s rays.


In northern latitudes the shadows falls towards the north; and in the southern towards the south. The declination of the sun varies from the tropic of cancer, 23 ½ degrees N., to an equal declination south of the equator, the tropic of Capricorn. Between these extremes the sun is always, at noon, directly overheard in places with altitudes equal to his declination, the variation in which is the cause of the varying seasons. In these places on land, or at sea, the sun casts no shadow at noon; and it has been found that this phenomenon extends for 32 miles. So, that the column of the sun’s vertical rays is 32 miles across in every direction – a distance equal to the length of the solar diameter! And whether we take the surface of the sea as curved or horizontal, there would make little difference to the diameter, as many be seen an referring to Fig. 20.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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