Flat Earth News No One Has Gone to the Moon

Flat Earth News

Lancaster, California

July 1976

Flat Earth Society International

Charles K. Johnson, President

(Note: The current Flat Earth Society has been taken over by those who really discredit flat earth believers. But his was after the passing away of Charles K. Johnson. This is a continuation of old flat earth. All grammar, spelling and punctuation is kept the same.)

Charles K. Johnson who calls himself the last Iconoclast has revealed that a band of international criminals, a syndicated of science, a cartel of arch criminals Master of Deceit has alsmost gained complete control of the USA! Mr. Johnson, the president of Flat Earth (research) Society International of Lancaster California has revealed that detailed, factual practical research conducted by his Research Society has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that The known world is flat, and is not a planet. He claims his Society has found earth a kid of stretched out plane, that the sun is a small object 32 miles across the moves above the earth, the earth does not move, and sun does and is in fact a light to light the day on this earth, the center of the universe. That the moon is also 32 miles across, that it does not reflect the light of the sun, but is in fact a light to light the night, giving an all together different kind of light.

No one has been to the moon

Mr. Johnson states the “moon shots” and “space cake walks” Rover Boy’s in space etc. etc. including the claimed “celestial marriage in Heaven between US and USSR space ships” were entirely fictional, simulated just as other science fiction moves are. He says the simulated space pictures, faked pictures of the earth from the moon, faked pictures of rover bots and their jeep on the moon were concocted “as they thought it would be” if the superstitions of modern science were true.

Mr. Johnson says he personally knows Arthur Clark the scriptwriter and science fiction writer who both wrote, directed and narrated the first “moon landing” and has in fact layed out the entire “space project” that he knows earth flat and has made available to him long before the faked moon landing. Vast evidence proof of a moon landing was impossible or even shooting anything up over a few miles over the earth. All explained to him by the late Mr. Samuel Shenton past secretary of the International Flat Earth Research Society, in England. Every major science fiction on earth has had all the facts, from Mr. Shenton, earth flat is no secret to them.


People of USA and Russia victims of deceit inc.

These countries “set up” by the SS to be modern Babylon. Have you noticed Germany, France, England, Japan and China do not claim to be going to heaven in a rocket ship! They do not pretend to be “orbiting” earth or orbiting planets etc. etc. Why? You say there not smart enough, “haven’t got enough money” etc. Don’t be silly! It is their “scientists” who have practices entrapment. US wastes all its time, money, heart and mind on “science fiction” space non existent…You labored in Vain. Europe plans to bring us down as babel of old science the opiette of the people. Who also with towers “silos” tried to “get to heaven” in a rocket ship.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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