Using the Flat Earth Design in Building a Home

Grand-Designs-3I recently saw a UK program called “Grand Designs” of one family who had the first floating home built in England. This was on an island in the Thames. It wasn’t until near the end that I realised that this home is built, in part, on what the flat earth is theorised to be built on. It was really amazing when I connected the home to the flat earth!

Now, of course, the builders nor any one else knows about the flat earth but from my reading of the flat earth and its surroundings it was how, in small part, this home was built.

To prevent the home from being flooded the builders went about 4 meters into the ground. From there they build the walls and floor. Within this “box without a lid” construction was built the basement. So, visualise a box within a box. This smaller “box” would be the basement and the home would sit on top of it. There was a narrow space between the two “box like construction” where the water would go if there was a flood (which usually is on the island). The basement weighted 150 tons (I didn’t hear them say the weight of the rest of the house). This basement was mounted on what looked like steel girders.

Then the test when there was just the basement frame built. The contractor had water from the Thames River pumped into it to make sure it was waterproof. The workers and the owners looked down on the incomplete construction as the water was pumped in. Sure enough, the basement rose.

When the house was completed, there was a flood and indeed the home rose. I believe that the home could rise about 10 feet high! But they had noticed a problem and that was the home tilted! When Kevin McCloud, the host of the program was there, the owner put a billiard ball on the kitchen table and the ball slowly rolled down. He said this indicates the the home is slanting to the left. The contractor came out again and went to a small craw space below the basement. This was entered by a small opening in the floor. There, he placed cinder blocks on one side of the home until there was no more tilt. Sure enough, the billiard ball did not roll.

When Kevin stepped inside the home he said you could not tell if the home was floating on water. Earlier in the program he did a little experiment to show how the home would work (this was before the building was completed). He had a plexiglass see through container and inside it was a box made out of some heavy material. Then he poured the water in on the outside of this box. (The box had no top just like the real construction.) There was only a small space between the dimensions of the plexiglass container and the heavy box to which the water was pour. You would think that something that big and of a heavy weight placed inside a container that had, in turn, a small amount of water would not be enough buoyancy – but there was. He mentioned some “law” but I hadn’t heard of it nor remembered what he said. In short this law of physics is the bases of the “floating home” construction.

View the video here…

Relating this to the flat earth

We read in the Bible and in old flat earth booklets and books that quote the Bible that the earth is built on the foundations of the earth, the firmament and the dividing of waters (Genesis chapter 1), and other places.

I have learned from reading the Bible and flat earth material that the earth is built on a sea but not the sea that we see; that there are foundations to the earth to stabilise it so “it shall not move” as God said.

The earth not only has to be flat but it has to be level or otherwise we’d feel it. Like in the “Grand Designs” program when the owner put the billiard ball on the table. Even a tilt of the earth would be noticeable. Imagine if the earth was on a globe – we’d be falling all over the place.

There are some flat earthers (those who follow Mark Sargent) says the earth is kind of shaped like a roulette table. This is a lie and just as bad as believing in a globe earth.

This home has foundations, just as we are told that the earth has foundations. Being in this home when there was a flood and it was essentially sitting on water, you have no feeling at all that you were on water (unlike being in a boat). So, it is with the earth.

You can see the whole program here.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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