David Icke’s Comment on the Flat Earth

David Icke evades the flat earth question.

David Icke evades the flat earth question.

David Icke makes a recent comment on the flat earth. Though Ick has good information on the current news of the world and the conspiracies behind it, but he mixes truth with lies or, should I say, fantasy. If you have read this books, you know he has one where he thinks that reptilian aliens are controlling human think from the moon! (Lol.) In this video clip he talks about the non-reality of life. This is Bull. The non-reality of life is a big part of his seminars and books.

Ick is a real “nutter.” He doesn’t address the flat earth issue in any serious manner. He questions if we really live on earth. He said is the flat earth round or square. Is the sky blue or pink? The big danger for people who believe in Icke’s non-reality are several.

1) When someone buys into this, they really don’t care about things around them. On the one hand they say “this isn’t reality,” on the other, they show concern about chemtails, the engineered wars, etc. So, if this is not reality, why care? When people really don’t care, they lose their love, concern and care for their fellow man. If Icke really feels that this is “not reality” then let someone try to rob him and see what he says. He’ll yell, “Give me my money back!”

  1. The other thing that is wrong with Icke’s statement about the earth is he does not address it in a logical and scientific manner. Even in this so-called “non-reality state,” it takes science to develop all the things we have of civilization. If it wasn’t for people who believe in what they see; who believe in the things around them, we would not have books and computers for example. Without these two, David Icke would not have been known world-wide, nor would have the money coming to him from these two sources. So, when you dig deeper with the people who follow David Icke, they really do believe in reality or otherwise they’d be living in caves and wouldn’t give a sh*t about anything – they are hypocrites.

  2. Finally, people who believe in Icke’s “non-reality” don’t believe in the God of the Bible. They have a “god” that is some impersonal energy source who likes to fool his created humans and put them in some kind of virtual reality computer simulation game and play with their mind. In short, it’s another religion and a heathen one to be sure.

Once people buy into this non-reality junk they seem to buy into all the Bull that people like David Icke spouts. This leaves a big opening into your mind to fill it with lies. Haven’t we got enough lies without more added to it? To illustrate this, people who follow Icke believes what he tells you about reptilian aliens make up the British Royal family, and that reptilians control humans through some sort of “ray” that they beam to us. He says all this without a shred of evidence, of course. So, with evidence people buy into it.

Check out his video here (unless you are already fed up with him). Click Here.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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