What To Do After Your Introduce People to the Flat Earth


Richard Snowden

Many people who introduce others to the flat earth truth think that there is nothing else to do, while others would say just tell more about the flat earth. I propose something else.

After the person you are talking to accepts the flat earth truth, then is your chance to introduce him/her to other conspiracies that are covered up. Naturally, you don’t do it on the same day, as you most probably spent enough time with them and they have to go. Also, you don’t want to over load them with too much information as they already have a ton to deal with. But with that aside when you meet your friend the next time it would be good to ask some other questions. Below are some examples.

“What other things have the government and media cover up? I’m sure that the flat earth is not the only thing. We should now question all things. Since the flat earth truth was covered up, there are probably other things that they covered up, too.”

You many want to bring up one other topic and introduce that as you did the flat earth. Naturally, you want to be knowledgeable on the topic and you may want to bring up a topic that affects everyone or nearly everyone. One such topic would be the lies that the medical profession has fostered on us. You can show them how they have lied about vaccines and drugs and how this prevents diseases. In your talk, you will want to have some facts, some quotes by other doctors, etc. You should also have some documents to show them, some links to share with them and, of course, links to good YouTube videos. You can say, “Don’t believe me but do your own research. Type in Google: dangers of vaccines and see what you come up with. In fact, do the search in YouTube as you will find many good documentaries.”

Ask them questions to get them engaged. This way, it will not sound like a one way street. By asking leading questions then waiting for their answer will get them to think. When a person comes to a conclusion on their own they are more likely to believe than if they were told something. When they ask questions, that means they have an interest. If they are not asking questions, ask them something in order to keep the dialogue going. If you got a person interested so far in the flat earth, that means they may be interested in other conspiracies. I say “may” as it’s not always the case.

Some other topics you can cover, as time allows and as the interest in the other person continues are:

Bible cover ups

One World Government

Genetically modified foods

Immigration problem


Lies about history

National or international events

Let me talks a little about a couple of the above to give you an idea of what I mean.

Chemtrails – This is a good one as this is evident for the whole world to see, yet most media covers this up and they say these are natural clouds or natural water condensation from jets.

National Events – An example of this would be 9-11 and the bombings in New York City. This was so “in your face” that it would be easy to point out to others of the lies the government and media has told up.

Some people in the flat earth movement – if you want to call it that – want to keep it flat earth and nothing else. However, there are others, including Christian Flat Earth Ministry, see the bigger picture. We don’t want to let people think, or to imply, that everything else in society is OK; that the government is telling us the truth when it comes to everything else. We, at CFEM, want people to know the truth in all areas of life, especially those that affects their lives, their families and their nation. And we can do this by introducing other conspiracies. If nothing else, we can give them links to other sites run by people who know a lot more on the subject than we do. This is probably the best thing to do.

For those who have just learned about the flat earth and it’s your first “conspiracy” of sorts, you have just begun your journey of knowing the other truths that we waiting for you.

About revealed4you

First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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