NASA’s Latest Scam: Orion

Here is a video that I found that NASA put out. Though the title of the YouTube video is misleading, as the narrator did not admit they could not go through the Van Allen Belt, it is revealing none the less.

In short, this guy talked like this will be the first time that we went through the Van Allen Belt, which implies that we didn’t go through it for the Apollo Missions (which, of course we didn’t go to the Moon).

My comments

As for the Van Allen Belt, as some flat earthers believe, it doesn’t exist. This was created by Van Allen in the 1950s to cover up that there is a firmament – as the Bible states – that prevents us from going further.

On this video is notice at the end where they have the space capsule going into the water – this is a CGI. Why have a CGI since NASA could have used the old footage of another mission, such as Apollo. Perhaps they could use an old footage because they don’t exist. Sure there is real video footage after the capsule is in the water, but this was probably a staged event. Meaning the capsule was placed in the water and then the aircraft carried came up to it and this is where the old TV news coverage came in. anyhow, notice in this footage the lack of detail of the ship in the background. Why use CGI when real old footage would do to simulate it?

What about the re-entry? Now, how can something of that shape going 17,000mph not tumble over? We are told because of the rockets on the side to keep it steady – yea, sure! How can the fuel be safe from the extreme heat reaching the fuel? How much fuel is required to do this and where is that stored in such a small capsule? Where are the storage of all the oxygen tanks for this whole space mission stored? What metal on earth that can withstand 4,000 F heat? How does this metal disperse such immense heat to protect the astronauts inside? These are questions that need to be answered.

Finally, how much is the taxpayer being sucked in for this? Who pocketing the money?

This is just another Loony Tune brought to you by NASA.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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