The Best Book on the Flat Earth

I recently came across a book that has to be the best on the flat earth. Actually, it’s not a book as it’s only 40 pages but packed within those pages has great photos and illustrations explaining the flat earth. They tackle the subject both biblically and scientifically.

Here is a picture of one page


If you would like a free copy all you have to do is join this flat earth forum, then write to me at: pedigreespa @ (spaces were made to prevent spamming; make sure there are no spaces when sending me an email. Subject line: Flat Earth News )

This little book of 40 page is great for waking people up. It gives you the ammunition to logically explain to others that the earth is flat and does not move, along with a ton of other information that NASA lies about.

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About revealed4you

First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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8 Responses to The Best Book on the Flat Earth

  1. Bob Mac says:

    If the word is flat, why do objects appear over the horizon? Do really believe every space mission ever was just a conspiracy? What would space agencies and increasingly private space projects have to gain by faking the entire thing? It would be a vast waste of money and human resources to fake building the International Space Station. The Soviet Union was deeply humiliated after being beaten in the race to the Moon. It would have been easy to admit that there had been a conspiracy and spacecraft did not go around the Earth. I thank you in advance for any reply.


    • revealed4you says:


      To answer some of your questions…The reason why objects appear or disappear over the horizon is do to the law of perspective. Look at a straight road on a flat surface, the road goes to a dot; telephone poles get smaller and smaller until we can’t see them. The reason is that they go out of sight not because they are behind a curve.

      What do space agencies gain? Number 1, the cost of any fake space flight does not cost them any money. Say it cost X millions of dollars to send up a satellite– it comes out of the tax payers pocket. The space agency’s real cost is that of a side show, the rest they pocket. Another reason is, that they want people to continue to believe that we got here by accident; they want people to continue believe we evolved. With a flat earth and the only planet out there; with God right above, people will start believing in creation – as the Bible stated all along.


  2. debbie wittig says:

    So what is on the other side?


    • revealed4you says:

      No one has been on the other side of the flat earth, so no one knows. (There are a few people who think of the flat earth in two dimensions. But the flat earth, like everything else in life, is three dimensional.)


  3. Brian Brady says:

    Hi, I would like to join this forum as this subject facinates me.
    I was actually in search of a book on flat earth and when it’s Biblical it’s a bonus. Thanks Brian


  4. Hans Kuik says:

    After the c0v¡d scam and seeing how it is all a house of cards with no solid foundation, I was ready for deeper truths. So happy for all pieces of the puzzle that fall into place and help making ever more sense of the reality we find ourselves in. The flat earth clock app, documentaries like ‘the lost history of flat earth’ and ‘What on earth happened?’ Have been really helpful to me. Any more must watch movies/docs or good reads?

    Thanks for all the hard work, I would love to do my part.


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