Christians Who Are Not Honest About the Flat Earth

By Richard Snowden

Most Christians don’t believe in the flat earth and that is not surprising as those of other religions and those of no religious belief at all don’t believe in the flat earth. Thus, you can not go on the bases of numbers. Remember, the Bible says, do not follow a multitude to do evil.

There are other good Christians who do know their Bible but they are completely ignorant of passages that tell of the earth being stationary, the the Sun moves around the earth and that the Moon has its own light.

I would like to comment on one recent attack on flat earth believers who has perhaps the biggest Christian Identity website, as his remarks follows a pattern – a pattern by people who are not honest with themselves nor their follows. This, by the way, can be applied to other topics as well.

Back in July of 2015, there was a Podcast made by a Christian who attacked flat earth believers; there were other friends of his in his room who joined in, too. One of the major arguments he made to “disprove the flat earth belief,” is a good example of dishonesty.

William Finck said no way can you stand on the beach in America and see South America no matter how powerful the telescope is. Of course, the assumption is that you can not see South America because of the curvature of the earth. Well, it’s a fact that you can not see South America from the beach in Florida but that doesn’t mean that the earth is a globe. Finck is ignorant of some basic laws of nature and it’s these laws is why you can see this distance on earth. I’m not just talking about seeing from Florida to South America but seeing anywhere between two points that is that great of a distance.

The distance between Florida and Venezuela is 809 miles according to:

There are several reasons why you can’t see with a telescope – even a powerful one – for the following reasons:

atmospheric pressure



pollution of all kinds

Any and all of the conditions above will prevent a person from seeing the shoreline at such a great distance. The atmosphere itself along with the pollution and water molecules will prevent this. A telescope does NOT see through objects. Though they are minute objects, with enough of them it becomes a barrier. Thus, to use this as a argument that the earth is round, or flat for that matter, is not a valid argument. This just shows the ignorance of the person using Telecom sighting to “prove a globe earth.”

Some will say, “But you can see the Moon at one quarter of a million miles away; you can see planets millions of miles away, so why can’t you see something that is only 809 miles away?”

The answer to that is, even assuming the distance we are told these heavenly bodies are true, when you look up, you see through much less atmosphere, less atmospheric pressure, less pollution and less humidity. As we all know the higher you go the less dense the air is; it’s clearer the higher you go up, so there is less for the telescope to see through. If you were to go up to 100 miles you’d be in space (this is according to astronomers).

The other problem with comparison of seeing South America from America is, the Moon, for example is much closer than what we are told. If you are not familiar with this, you’ll have to do more flat earth research as it’s too much to put here – it will get me off the main topic. So, you are viewing something that is much closer PLUS when you are viewing the Moon, it has its own light.

I have just covered on point that Finck made in his trying to discredit the flat earth model. I won’t go over the other points as many of them were covered in a previous Post. But what I do want to cover is how he steers his listeners away from finding the truth themselves. This will provide a valuable reminder if you will, on what to look out for. The following is good to use in not only when someone discuses the flat earth but ANY topic. That topic could be of a biblical nature or a secular one.

This flat earth critic mentioned about a book that Eric Dubay wrote that’s titled “200 Proofs the Earth is Flat.” This critic NEVER said, “Read the book yourself and see if it makes sense.” No, he just picked about three points of the 200 and talked about that. (What he did talk on he did a poor job in discrediting.)

Never once did Finck say, “Do your own research, watch the videos that flat earthers put up, read thise articles.” Why? Because when you really don’t have the facts OR if you do have the facts but you don’t want your readers to know the truth, you would never want them to go to the other side. Why not if you have the truth? If you really have the truth on a subject – any subject – truth can stand up on its own. If you really have the truth but you tell others “to check it out yourself,” your readers or listeners will see the fallacy of what the other side is saying. In other words, it would help CONFIRM what you are saying. This was not done by Finck.

Cult experts will tell you that one of the hallmarks of a cult is, that they don’t want you to listen to or read the opposition. You’ll find this in Jehovah Witnesses, for example. Now, Mr. Finck does know his Bible on many topics, but he doesn’t know it on the topic of the nature of the Earth, Sun, Moon and Stars, so, only in this way is Finck doing what cults do. Why he’s is dong it, I don’t know.

It’s one thing that your brother in Christ would reject and scoff at the flat earth idea when first presented – who wouldn’t with all the lies they have told us our whole life. But at least listen, watch and read what the other side has to say. THEN make your decision.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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