Questioning Previous Beliefs: Coral Castle

The secret: block-and-tackle.

The secret: block-and-tackle!

  Here is something that I believed in, and that is how Coral Castle in Florida was made. Listening to Jeff Rense years ago, he had a guest that talked about this. He theorized that it was made with some ancient knowledge like they used in Egypt to build the Great Pyramid. This guy had the ability to lift heavy blocks of coral in place. There was also talk by this guest that Alien knowledge was used. This, along with 100 others articles help create the existence of Aliens in my mind. Of course, IF there were billions of other planets out there, it’s only normal to assume that there is other life out there and that a few of them travelled to planet earth. But if we are the only ones here, then who could travel to visit us? (With the exception of angels, of course.)

Believing in the flat earth, I started to questions Aliens (ETs), as I know the only place outside of the earth and the dome is Heaven.

This video is made up, in part of the builder of Coral Castle – old footage. Here is proof how those blocks, some weighing in at 10 tons were moved. You’ll also learn that this very same, NON-SECRET, method is used today.

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