Yahoo News: Alien Life Possible

Yahoo New: Alien Life Possible

Yahoo alien news

And how the globe shape of the earth fits in to this.

Here is a news item for Yahoo News that appeared today (July 2) about “aliens” that look like us, according to an evolutionary biologist.

What is the media (instructed by the government) preparing us for? An alien invasion.? People who following the government false flag trail know that an “alien invasion” is a ‘card they have on the table.’

If you think this is all paranoia, consider this:

1 If you were to prepare the people of earth you would deny there are such things as alien

2 Then you would say that life on other planets is possible

3 Then you would admit to sightings

4 Then evidence they are here

5 Finally, you’ll have an invasion of some kind and the only way to fight this is, “we all have to come together, be willing to be put in gulag camps (for our own protection, of course), and support the one-world government in whatever they do – BECAUSE we have a common enemy now.

To read the original news article, Click Here.

How the globe earth conspiracy fits in

One reason why the globe earth false belief fits in and serves the purpose of the Zionist New World Order is, that with the globe earth, the universe filled with globe planets, and with billions of galaxies, it would only be logical to think of life on other planets. It would also be logical to think that some of them are more advanced than we are and can travel vast distances via other means in order to get here. After all, this is what I believed, and I believed all of this on the premise that what NASA and astronomers have been telling us about the universe and where we live. BUT, now that I know better, I also know – as well as all flat earthers – that there are no other planets, thus no intelligent life that can travel here. I also came to know that God and Heaven is literally a few thousand miles above us (perhaps closer). With this knowledge it changes your whole outlook on life. It also makes you aware of other false flag events, and lies that the government and media is telling us in general.

Therefor, it’s vital that the governments of the world want its citizens to continue to believe in a universe with billions of galaxies, planets and even entertain the possibility of other intelligent life out there – as it SERVES THEIR PURPOSE.

So, will you help us to blow the cover off of this lie by doing what you can to get the truth out? Join us today!


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