The Truman Show – Star Falling

truman show spotlight  If you notice, there is a name on this spotlight called, Sirius Canis Major. Canis Major is a star constellation with Sirius being the brightest star. It’s only 8.5 light years away. Could this video be hidding a truth from the public but with clues left in? Those in power really know what is going on, that is why they are in power; are members of secret societies, etc. Could it be that those in the military with those in NASA passed on some clues to the bosses in Hollywood (their brothers in power) to say, “Hey, with this info you can make a good film; just don’t tell them too much. Make is similar but not the real thing.”

Could the “firmament” that surrounds the earth, as described in the Bible with verses like Gen. 1:6:

The most striking feature of the Old Testament world is the “firmament,” a solid dome which separates “the waters from the waters” (Gen. 1:6). The Hebrew word translated in the Latin Vulgate as firmamentum is raqia’ whose verb form means “to spread, stamp or beat out.”

In short, this “firmament” sounds like something that is made, a protection around the earth. Now, read the following, Psalm 96:10: “He has fixed the earth firm, immovable …” Psalm 104:5: “Thou didst fix the earth on its foundation so that it never can be shaken.”

What I understand from this is, that the earth does not revovle. But we know the sun, moon and stars move. So, if the earth is not moving, the other heavenly bodies are moving – it’s either one or the other.

So, is the earth in some kind of huge dome? Are the stars, or what we think about stars in this firmament; and they are moving around the central point of this dome? We know that the star Polaris, also called the North Star, does not move. Since this is the case, how can the earth be speeding through space at 67,000mph (as it goes around the Sun). IF that was the case, we can’t have a stationary star.

So, how an the stars be moving? It would be something like taking a black umbrella; under it is the earth, and there are little holes in the umbrella where the lights are shining through. Or think of little dots of lights (of different shades of color). Then, gently turn the umbrella. Is it just possible that we are seeing this in the night sky? Are we, like Truman, being looked down from above; being judge by our behavior; while the whole earth is in a dome? Could this be it?

Sounds crazy, I know. But let me get a little crazier…

Could there be another clue in this film?

Truman-spotlight-7  In The Truman Show, we see that Truman sails on the sea. Normally he would have turned back because he faces difficulties, such as the bad weather, perhaps lack of fresh water and food. The produces of this “show” hopes that it will turn him back. In fact, it would turn most people back.

Now, think of this real-life parrell in today’s world. What happens when you sail south of Agentina and you are heading towards the Antarctica? The weather is very bad, the cold is bitting, the sea pushes you up and slams you down; again and again you are pounded. Most people would turn back. But if you happen to have clear days, you reach the Antarctica but what do you see? You see a huge ice wall – from 100 – 200 feet high. This, you’ll find all the way around the continent except for a small area. Now, wouldn’t that discourage anyone. Once on land, you have the bitter cold and wind to contend with. If that doesn’t stop you, the US military or some other nation’s military will use leathel force to stop you. This is a fact, but why? For some environmental reason? Hardly. There is something that that they don’t want you to see; something that Turman finally did see – the dome or firament that kept him in. Do you think that perhaps the world military leaders and others don’t want you to know the truth? The truth that we are being watched above by beings of Love as we go about our daily lives?

This should give you something to think about.



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