The Sun is a Light – 32 Miles Across

From The Flat Earth News

December 1978

Sun-32-miles  (Gen 1:16) And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also.

Dr Robertson, one of our British Members, made the discovery and conducted this experiment to prove from a Practical Common Sense Demonstrated and Demonstrable experiment the Sun is 32 miles across. See the difference in our methods to the absurd childish games of Theoretical physics the crude burlesque Comedy satire on the sanity called Einstein or the Fairy Tale fable physics. In the Fable Physics, also called ‘science,’ you discard ‘mere facts’ and just say anything…’truth’ is whatever you want it to be; 2 plus 2 can be 7 or nothing, so they can say the sun is one million times larger than earth or say 10 billion times, makes no difference, as NOT A WORD of modern astronomy is true!

It is DEMONSTRATED by the sun’s rays it is 32 miles across. Also, the NAUTICAL ALMANAC bears out the FACT the sun is very small compared to earth but very large compared with the tiny planets.

sun set at sea  In books on astronomy we are gravely told that the sun is more than a million times larger than the sea-earth globe. The writers who make these extravagant assertions do not attempt to give us any good practical evidence in proof thereof. Their authoritative assertions are supposed to be sufficient, in spite of good authorities against them, and the oppositions of “science” against “science.”

Let an observer stand by night directly under a lamppost; the light above him will cast no side shadow. If he moves northwards his shadow will fall towards the north; and if he goes south his shadow will fall southwards. If the light were extended by a number of feet above his head, say for ten feet, then on the observer moving that distance underneath he would still see no shadow. That is, the vertical rays of light would cast no shadow for a distance equal to its own extent. Now apply this reasoning to the shadows of a vertical objects cast by the sun’s rays.

In northern latitudes the shadows fall towards the north; and in the southern, towards the south. The declination of the sun varies from the tropic of Cancer, 23.5 degrees N., to an equal declination south of the equator, the tropic of Capricorn. Between these extremes the sun is always at noon, directly overhead in places with the altitudes equal to his declination. The variation in which is the cause of the varying seasons. In these places on land, or at sea, the sun casts no side shadow at noon; and it has been found that this phenomenon extends for 32 miles. So that the column of the sun’s vertical rays is 32 miles across in every direction – a distance equal to the length of the solar diameter! And, whether we take the surface of the sea as curved or horizontal, there would make little difference, as may be seen in the diagram above.

Diagrams and arguments demonstrate that the diameter of the sun is only 32 miles across. Thus the sun is a small body as compared with the size of the earth; yet as compared with the planets it is a giant, and, as the Psalmist says, “a giant rejoicing to rn his race!” (Psa. 19.5)

The Nautical Almanac bears out the truth of the sun’s comparatively small size: it gives the sun’s semi-diameter as 16 minutes of a degree. One degree of latitude is equal to 60 miles: and as there are 60 “minutes” to a degree, twice 16 minutes” must be equal to 32 miles. The sun’s diameter by no less an authority than that of the navigator’s chief almanac!

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