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What is Man?

Note: I hope that you are doing well, during this time of lock down. The lock down may end by tyranny will not. Expect to see more draconian laws and people conditioned to accept it, to even beg for it, … Continue reading

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What is Man?

The Earth Issue 39-40 1903 Note: The choice of words, grammar and spelling is kept as in the original. A “Development” or a Creation? In conclusion we ought at least briefly to notice this ancient and important question. It is … Continue reading

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NASA: Promoting Evolution

NASA: Promoting Evolution http://www.fixedearth.com/nasas-agenda.html NASA has a spiritual agenda. Yes, spiritual. It projects the image of cutting edge science opening exciting space frontiers for the good of mankind, but the facts say otherwise. Judge for yourself: On the Space Administration’s … Continue reading

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