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No Curvature of the Flat Earth

  No Curvature Of The Earth Here NASA and modern astronomers claim we are living on an oblate spheroid 25,000 statute miles in equatorial circumference with a curvature of 7.935 inches to the mile, varying inversely as the square of … Continue reading

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Light House Seen 60 Miles Out at Sea

Light House Seen From 60 Miles Out At Sea Just the other week I had spoken to a retired physics professor who said that you can’t see beyond a certain range because of the curvature of the earth. Well, I … Continue reading

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At What Height Do You See the Curvature of the Earth?

At What Height Do You See the Curvature of the Earth? This is a good question but there are fools who give you stupid answers. The video below proves them wrong. One fool said that you can see the curvature … Continue reading

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