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Donald Trump and Climate Change

Donald Trump and Climate Change Recently we read that Donald Trump rejected the global warming agenda – and he is right. However, he said that it’s a bad deal for the United States but will it be replaced with something … Continue reading

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When I Write Articles About Current Topics

When I Write Articles About Current News When I write about current news topics sometimes it really increases the daily views we get. I find that this is great for Christian Flat Earth Ministry. Such was the case with the … Continue reading

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Theresa May: Extremist Material

Theresa May: Extremist Material Theresa May comments on extremist material. If you read the article on the Daily Mail, CLICK HERE  perhaps you’ll find the real agenda about what was behind the Manchester, UK, attack. It always seems that when … Continue reading

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Bombing in Manchester Commentary

Bombing in Manchester Commentary Referring to the Manchester attack – with all bombing occurrences, you have to question it. The governments of the UK and US are known to create such attacks. So, it’s only common sense to question what … Continue reading

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All Media Is Controlled

Proof All Media is Controlled But CNN, ABC, CBS, BBC all agree the earth is a globe lol All media has the same script If they can fake certain elements of Sandy Hook, they can easily fake a mass shooting … Continue reading

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