Bombing in Manchester Commentary

Bombing in Manchester Commentary

Referring to the Manchester attack – with all bombing occurrences, you have to question it. The governments of the UK and US are known to create such attacks. So, it’s only common sense to question what happened in Manchester, England. The people who are really brainwashed would call those who question it crazy, conspiracy nuts or what have you. But isn’t listening to the other side part of what a judge and jury do? They certainly are. So, how do you find out of what we have been true or not is the case? Simply by listening what others have to say. This, we can do with the internet.

For those who question going to the internet, they are the ones who are really controlled by the Establishment. The internet at least offers a quick and easy way of listening what others have to say, compared to having to literally go into a court room. With that in mind, let’s examine what happened at the Manchester Arena.

You can do your own search and find out what was said about the Manchester bombing. Just type in words to the effect:

Manchester bombing
Manchester attack
Manchester attack (or bombing) exposed

and then  watch the videos that you have. Of course, some of it will be exactly what the the newspapers say, while others will be quite different. Anyhow, this is what I did in my search. Below is just one example of a video by a person who said that the attack did not happen by what we were told.

Here are a few videos that I came across:

Where’s the pain?


Manchester exposed

Already dead

Where’s the blood


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