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Purpose of God’s Law

Purpose of God’s Law To remind our new readers, this website is not only about the flat earth but also a Christian ministry. As flat earthers know that the Bible tells of the truth about the nature of earth but … Continue reading

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The Gospel in Britain

The Gospel in Britain Established long before the Catholic Church said it did. God’s Kingdom Ministries by Dr Stephen Jones Perhaps no one caught the imagination of the Church in the Middle Ages more than Joseph of Arimathea. Much lore … Continue reading

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Constitutional or Biblical Freedom?

Constitutional or Biblical Freedom? We see that our freedoms have been taken away with this so-called corona virus. Good people who realise that it is being used to take our freedoms away, say that we need our Constitution rights back. … Continue reading

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A Letter From Your Father

A Letter From Your Father If you ever felt lonely and that no one cares, there is your Father that cares for you.    

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