Red Bull Balloon Exposed

Red Bull Balloon Exposed

This first one shows the balloonist just out the capsule. We are told that it was 127,000 feet altitude. This equals 24 miles.

Yet, when we see the earth, it showed a completely round earth. How can this be? If the whole earth was in view, he would have had to be thousands of miles away – IF the earth was a globe. From what we are “told” that even satellites can’t get a whole profile of earth, so they have to take it in sections. Well, if this is true, then how did the camera that captured Felix Baumgartner, Austrian skydiver, show the whole earth? Check out the video below.

In this video, you do see a two-second clip taken from the airfield where the Red Bull balloon was launched showing an extreme curvature of earth – and all of this was at ground level. This is impossible as we don’t see the earth curved. Since a fisheye lens was used on ground, when they shouldn’t, what would stop Red Bull (it is all Bull by the way!), from using the fisheyes lens from the capsule to make it look like the earth is a globe?!  But like I said before, it’s impossible to get this much curvature of earth from only 127,000 feet.

I asked AI a couple more questions, which you’ll see below.

Here is another thought, The Red Bull balloon ride from launch until the time that Baumgartner jumped out lasted about 90 minutes. How many miles can you travel if you are going at 800mph for 90 minutes? That would be 1,200 miles.

Where did Red Bull balloon launch from (nearest town)?

The Red Bull Stratos balloon launched from Roswell, New Mexico. The nearest town is Artesia, New Mexico, which is about 20 miles away.

Where did the Baumgartner land (distance in miles and closest town)?

Felix Baumgartner landed in south-eastern New Mexico, about 23 miles from the launch site in Roswell. The closest town was Truth or Consequences, which is about 10 miles away.

In what state and city would I be in that is 1,200 miles east of Roswell, New Mexico?

The first response was:

If you travel 1,200 miles east of Roswell, New Mexico, you will be in the state of Ohio. The closest city is Cleveland, which is about 1,195 miles from Roswell.

When I wrote latitude wise, directly east it said:

If you travel directly east of Roswell, New Mexico, you will eventually reach the Atlantic Ocean. The closest point on land is the city of Jacksonville, Florida.


What does all this mean? Quite obviously, that IF the earth is spinning at 1,000mph at the equator, Felix Baumgartner would have been much further away than 20 miles! The fact that he did travel 20 miles is because it did take him 90 minutes before he jumped, and the wind took him to where it did travel to – NOT a spinning earth.

The AI I asked is Google’s Bard. I noticed that it said in it’s first response was Ohio, the nearest town, Cleveland. Now, that is not east of Roswell, it’s more like north-east. Well, if you were to go east on a flat earth map, perhaps you would be in Ohio.

I just wondered if Bard AI used a flat earth map and it did not know it? Ha, ha, ha -that was a good laugh! When you think about it, if you were to fly from NYC, for example to the UK, you fly up the Canadian coast, over Iceland than England. But you would not be told that. You’d be told that you were directly flying over the Atlantic.


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  1. rjra11240233 says:

    The more they come up with intricate tricks to deceive the mass, the more exposed they exposed their true color… “The insane follow behind, the sane are ridiculed because they won’t follow”.


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