The Protocols Behind the Protocol

The Protocols Behind the Protocol

Protocols 2If you read my article on the book, The Protocol That Kills, and gone to the link there, you’ll know that hospitals use a protocol when they classify and treat people who have “covid” where, in time, it literally kills them.

You may ask yourself, where does society get the idea to kill people and think that they are doing good? Who set up society many years ago to commit all the evil that they are doing today? The medical protocol did not just come in 2020 when Covid started. It was planned over 100 years ago, which was written down for a self-appointed “elect” group of people to take over the world.

To see what we see today with all the evil, took generations to accomplish and billions of dollars to get the people to be mindless zombies; to not care or think about what they are doing to their fellow humans.

This book that details their plans that was put in writing many years ago, I dare not name on this platform for obvious reason. But I will give you the link to where you can get it for free. Read it, read it again, think about it and warn others that this planned control of the people of the world is done with a group of people that think that they are gods and everyone else should be their abject slaves.

Click Here for the book.

The book, The Protocol That Kills, is highly recommended. If you can’t afford the paperback, which is about $24, you can buy the digital PDF for about $10. If you go to the link, you’ll find a short audio of the host interviewing Shelia Skiba and one of the co-authors. That is worth listening to.


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