How to Explain the Flat Earth to Your Friends

How to Explain the Flat Earth to Your Friends

Rocket in spaceHere are ten simple facts about one of history’s greatest hoaxes that you can use as a discussion beginning with anyone you think might be intrigued. However, if you share these details with your pals, they might decide to terminate your friendship.

However, I think that anyone who already holds the view that the lunar landings were a hoax is a very strong candidate for being able to at least consider the flat earth theory. Having said that, I do have acquaintances who think NASA is a joke and that the lunar missions were a hoax, but who would have a very difficult time accepting knowledge about the flat earth. Imagine how difficult it would be to converse with someone who believes we did arrive on the moon and that NASA is fantastic!

When I refer to “Flat Earth Facts,” I also mean information about the true nature of the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars. I also highlight the fallacies of the globe-earth theory and the falsehoods that have been told to us in an effort to mislead us about the composition of the Earth.

Anyway, here are 10 indisputable truths that ought to at the very least provoke thought…

Since moonlight is a reducing light, it must be a separate type of light source. Why does the Moon’s fullness or absence impact humans if the Moon doesn’t emit any light of its own? Why do moon stages impact farmland and crops? Why does fire react differently to moonlight versus sunlight?

Polaris, also known as the North Star, has never deviated from its location directly above the North Pole and never will. And the North Star is the centre of gravitation for all other stars in the heavens. How is this possible if the (so-called) cosmos is continually orbiting, revolving, and advancing farther into space in various directions?

Why is it that we never see the supposedly “dark side of the moon”? If you want a joke, check up “science’s” justification for why we never see the “dark side,” which is that it does not exist because it is not a ball in so-called “space.”

The Sun and Moon are the same magnitude to the unaided eye.

The faraway sky always remains at eye level no matter how high you fly in an airplane, a hot air balloon, or any other type of vehicle. Additionally, it rotates 360 degrees around you while remaining at eye level. Consider this.

Flat Earth is depicted in the official United Nations emblem. The World Meteorological Organization, International Maritime Organization, and International Civil Aviation Organization all have flat globe maps as their logos.

A North-South circle of the “globe” has never been attempted? Why? There is no such thing as a “south pole” because the Earth is not a spheroid, making it impossible.

Launches of satellites and the space shuttle always produce enormous parabolas in the sky and can even be seen with the unaided eye as if they were returning to earth.

Animal and vegetation life are vastly distinct between the northern and southern hemispheres. The quantity of living would be comparable between the Northern and Southern Latitudes if the Earth were a ball. The truth is that the North is remarkably verdant, while the Southern Latitudes have surprisingly little life.

After his “One small step for man,” Neil Armstrong displayed odd behaviour and a lack of interest in participating in interviews for the majority of his life. If he was so interested in this “giant leap for mankind,” why wouldn’t he do interviews? Shouldn’t he feel compelled to make himself accessible for questions, being one of only a few individuals to have ever set foot on the Moon? Never did he set foot on the moon. He was aware that his entire existence had been a lie, and that the untruth would fall apart under close examination. So, stay away from talks. I imagine that until the day he passed away, his regretful consciousness over having participated in the fraud consumed him.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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