Perspective Disappearance of Ships at Sea

Perspective Disappearance of Ships at Sea

Perspective 1

In the 1800’s, the Horse and Buggy Days, Darwin, as mental exercise, wrote a “science fiction” story about how things came about. Like all science fiction, absurd in the extreme, Darwin so stated. But a low caste opportunist, Huxley, saw his chance, spent his life “touting” this science fiction as “pure gospel.” Much as did Galileo the opium dream science fiction of Copernicus. All who now believe in evolution owe it to Huxley. From his name comes the word “Huckster.- Steps into insanity: 1. The Spinning Ball World; 2. Evolution, that is to “believe it” NOT tell it. Huxley was not insane himself, only a Carrie Huckster, peddling “jibberish” to the “Marks.” Hux the Hustling Huckster also gets 90 per cent of the credit for converting England to the Spinning Grease Ball concept of the universe. This Great Learned Honored Giant among Glorious Scientists, this Science God, Professor Huxley had to resort to assumption to account for the disappearance of ships at sea, although had he known the truth of the matter, or taken the trouble to enquire, his unwarranted assumptions would have been totally unnecessary.

He says:

“We assume the convexity of the water, because we know of no other way to explain the appearance and disappearance of ships at sea. –

What learning! What profound wisdom! If we ‘know of no other way” it is better to admit the fact and wait until we “have found out some other way” to explain the difficulty, if there is any.

Knowledge is gained by practical investigation and experience, and has no need of the assistance of assumption to provide an excuse for ignorance. If water could be proved to be convex, there would be no need to assume it to be so. We should have many proofs and abundant evidence of the fact. But the fact that water has been proved to be level, hundreds of times, makes it necessary for those who refuse to believe proved facts which tell against their theory, to resort to assumption to maintain their unreasoning position. And yet this same Professor, in his book “Science and Culture” says:

“the assertion which outstrips evidence is not only a blunder, but a crime,’

The assertion, therefore, that water is convex against proof furnished many times over that it is level, is not only a blunder, but a crime.


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