Fake Ball Planets From NASA

Fake Ball Planets From NASA

Mercury 1The stars in the southern hemisphere do not revolve around the Earth’s south pole because there is neither one nor a “southern pole star” like Polaris. Imagine a planetarium dome with all the stars set inside of it, but the dome is so big that your point of view prevents you from being able to see the southern stars that are the furthest away from the centre, exactly under Polaris. They would be moving much more quickly than the Northern stars around the outside of the dome if you could see them from that angle, not, as they say, in the reverse direction around a Southern pole star.

“Another thing is certain: from within the equator, the north pole star, the constellations Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, and many others, can be seen simultaneously from every meridian; however, in the south, from the equator, neither the so-called south pole star, nor the remarkable constellation of the Southern Cross, can be seen simultaneously from every meridian, showing that all the constellations of the south – pole star included – sweep over a great southern Sigma Octantis, the south pole star, and the southern circumpolar constellation of the Southern Cross, however, would all be visible at the same moment from every longitude at the same latitude if the earth were a planet, just as the northern pole star and the northern circumpolar constellations are. However, this is not the situation. Earth Is Not a Globe: Zetetic Astrophysics by Dr. Samuel Rowbotham (286)

The idea that the earth must be a globe has frequently been advanced because stars in the southern “hemisphere” rotate around a south polar star, just as stars in the northern hemisphere do around a northern pole star. Another time, the truth is sacrificed and the proof provided by our senses is rejected in order to support a hypothesis that is illogical and false in every way. Every viewer is aware that the north pole star serves as the focal point for a number of constellations that circle the globe. Those closest to it, as the ‘Great Bear,’ etc. are always visible in England during their whole twenty-four hours’ rotation. Further south, they rise east by north and set west by north; those still further south rise north-northeast and set south-southwest. The rising is more to the east and south-east, and the sunset is more to the west and south-west, the furthest south observable from England. However, none of the stars that can be seen from London rise or set in a manner that is consistent with the rotundity theory. For instance, if we observe the stars in the zenith of our location for several hours while standing on the high ground known as “Arthur’s Seat” near Edinburgh with our backs to the north, the stars will progressively move away to the north-west. The same effect is seen if we carry out the same experiment on Woodhouse Moor, which is close to Leeds, or on any of the peak tops in Yorkshire or Derbyshire. From the summit of Primrose Hill, close to Regent’s Park in London, from Hampstead Heath, or from Shooter’s Hill, close to Woolwich, you can see the same scene. If we stay up all night, we will see the same stars rising from the north-east towards our location, demonstrating that the path of all the stars between us and the northern centre revolves around the north pole-star as a common centre of rotation—exactly as they must do over a plane like the earth is now demonstrated to be. On a planet, stars at their zenith would undoubtedly ascend, pass directly overhead, and set in the direction of the viewer. The exact same effect is seen if we now closely study the zenith stars from the Rock of Gibraltar. The same is true for the Cape of Good Hope, Sydney, Melbourne, New Zealand, Rio de Janeiro, Monte Video, Valparaiso, and other southern cities. The earth is then shown to be a plane and rotundity is completely disproved, if not actually shown to be impossible, if the zenith stars of all the locations on Earth where special observations have been made rise from the morning horizon to the zenith of an observer and descend to the evening horizon not in a plane of such observer’s position but rather in an arc of a circle concentric with the northern centre. Earth Is Not a Globe: Zetetic Astrophysics by Dr. Samuel Rowbotham (284-6)


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