The Mercury and Venus Experiment

The Mercury and Venus Experiment

Mercury 1Here is a good experiment to try on your friends, listing it in steps. First, DON’T tell them what it’s about or what they represent. If you have three people, that’s good. If you have only two, that would be enough.

Go in the back yard where you have space. Have on person facing away from the other two.

Have one person, say, 5 feet away; he can face any direction.

Have another person stand 8 feet away and he can face any direction.

Have any type of object, say, 10 feet away. Or, if you have another person, use him/her.

Now, say to the person that is on the outside and looking away and ask him if he can see anyone in the back – without turning around. He will answer, “Of course not.”

Now, have the other two or three people move to their left or right a few feet but back a bit, as if they are standing on a circle that is smaller than the person in front of him.

Then, ask the same question to person #1 if he can see anyone. He would not.

Now, tell everyone who they are: person #1 is Earth; person #2 is Venus; person #3 is mercury; #4 is the Sun.

Then tell everyone that we are told in the heliocentric model that the Sun is the centre of the solar system, with Mercury, Venus and Earth. When it’s daylight, we are looking towards the Sun. When it’s night, we are look away from the Sun and towards the other planets in the solar system.

When it’s night we can see Venus and Mercury. Now, with these two planets always closer to the Sun, and no matter what angle it is, we can’t see it. Simply, because we are facing away.

Now, let’s look at the facts. IF the planets circle the Sun and with Earth being a ball, how is it that we can see through the ‘ball’, which is what we’d have to do to see these planets? The answer is, that we can’t see through any solid object, let alone a planet. This, we know if a fact.

Another fact is, that we can see, Mercury and Venus during the night.

Now, it might be possible, looking at the problem from a heliocentric model, that if Venus or Mercury is far enough away, we would be able to see it low on the horizon – either East or West. But we will not be able to see these planets all night – as our angular view changes.

Since we established the fact that we can’t see through objects. And we also established the fact that we do see, what is called Venus and Mercury, what is the answer?

The answer can only be found if we look at what we live on something entirely different than what we are told. If we look at Earth being flat and stationary; that there is a dome above; that the Sun and wandering stars are circling above, this would explain everything.

You might want to illustrate to them that we are in domed room. That in this domed room are lights on a track, above the dome, are moving, and when a light is at a certain point on the circle, it would appear it’s rising to the East of us and when it’s at another point, that it’s setting to the West of us; that they are still there, but when the Sun comes up, ‘the greater light of the day’ drowns out ‘the lesser light of the night.’

Tell them to think about it. Ask if there are any questions. Finally, encourage them to do their own research that is not put out by places like NASA, the media and government, since they have already given their answer; we’ve heard it a million times.

Just say that at times, it’s time ‘think outside the box,’ as it were.

Hopefully, this little experiment, they will be able to reconsider their position. And, of course, you might want to give them a link to this website 😉 and, better yet, to give names on a YouTube search of such people like Rob Skiba and ‘flat earth Dave,’ for research. Or, they might have to go to alternative social media video platforms, such as or to find the flat earth videos (you never know when YouTube might take down these videos like everything else that is not ‘politically correct.’

I hope you find this interesting and share it with others.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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