The Truth Matters

The Truth Matters

But you described in your comment, all of the things in which we all struggle would disappear if we simply knew the truth. If all of the technology that exists were available to the public, our lives would change overnight. If we continue to pretend like it doesn’t matter that the government is lying to control every aspect of your life, we are getting exactly what we deserve, because silence is consent, and I simply cannot consent to the enslavement of humanity. I do not give my authority to these parasites and neither should you are all in this together. Tight time. We start acting like it. I love you.

Okay, so this person here seems to think that this statement he made is only logical on a flat earth. He’s completely ignoring the fact that his model, his mountains are also much closer to the sun. A sun that in his model is a burning of gas. As you get closer to the burning ball of gas, it would heat you up, meaning your mountains would be hotter than the ground. So why is it not like this? Well, that would be because the sun is not a ball of gas. The sun actually works by moving the molecules around with its electromagnetic frequency to heat the molecules because the grounds molecules are much denser and sturdier. They don’t move as easy. They get heat transferred from the air around them because air gets denser the farther down you go. There is a lot more heating of this air going on. The more heating and the air, the more heat transfer to the ground. That is why the outside warms up before the ground does. But you could never explain any of that on your globe. You could never explain why when you get closer to this heating ball of gas it gets colder.

I can easily explain how the higher up you go the colder it gets if the sun is not a ball of gas, if the sun works by warming molecules, then that is explainable, which your ball earth does not have.

You guys think you’re smart with questions like that? And you’re not because you’re completely ignoring the fact that that would have to happen on your globe, too. You mix your model with ours and go how does this work? Because you’re not capable of actually unlearning everything the government has taught you to actually learn what’s going on. Your statement proves you’re not on a globe. It proves the sun is not a ball of gas, and it proves that most of you out there just like to squawk without actually learning or thinking about the things you are squawking about. And that’s just what it is.

All right, quick question. Do you know that the government is not your friend? You aware that they are poisoning your food, water, air and even your mind? Of course, you do. You’re not living under a rock might think you’re spinning around on one. But you know better than to trust the government. Yet somehow many of us still believe the government when they tell us the earth is a spinning in space. Many of us are too caught up in the science fiction of outer space. That we don’t even stop to think about the technologies that our government is suppressing. What do you think would happen to the world if the technology the government is pressing wants to be released? And exactly how are we going to get them released? Answer is simple. The government is lying and we caught them but many of the people have Stockholm Syndrome and they’re not ready to admit that the government is in fact lying to them. Those people absolutely are responsible for keeping the suffering system going. If you’re out there defending the globe for whatever reason, it you are responsible for cancer. You are the reason why children are going to bed hungry. I’ll see two balls in space. Get real. Actually, pretty pathetic to see somebody we’ve grown man believing in the Spaceballs. You’re never going to get a ride on. Please do continue your fantasy, like people are suffering or anything. Not like revealing this lie would change the world or anything like the technology the government is hiding from you would change anything. Yes, the thought of you riding around on these Spaceballs is just too enticing for you to think about other people.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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2 Responses to The Truth Matters

  1. Webmaster says:

    Yes, Why Does It Matter: Why does all this teaching about the creation of the heavens and earth and how they really work MATTER? It matters because if we accept scientists’ theories of evolution and the big bang theory, and that man is able to travel in the far reaches of the universe (beyond the firmament), then that necessitates that the Bible’s account of creation and all of its attributes are false and that the Bible is nothing more than a storybook of myths.

    If the Bible is wrong in Genesis and elsewhere throughout the Scripture in regard to the creation and the characteristics of that creation, then it is not a reliable source that can be trusted to tell us how we ought to live and that we need the Messiah to save us and to help us find the WAY that leads to salvation.

    If what the scientists and the great philosophers of our day teach: that everything made itself through natural processes, that means that there really is no Creator, and if there is no Creator, then Yahuah does not exist. That means there is no Being that has any authority over us, whatsoever, and we can do as we please; concepts of right and wrong have no bearing, and those who say that there is a Creator Elohim and that He has absolute laws that should be obeyed, are mocked and persecuted and told that they are crazy.

    If the elitists and powers-that-be can convince us that there is no Creator, then there is no definitive basis for any kind of morality; and the concept of right and wrong is just a matter of each person’s opinion and that there is no such thing as sin. If there is no such thing as sin, then mankind does not need to repent and seek forgiveness for sin; therefore there is no need for a Savior, nor is there any need for the Messiah to come back to this earth and set up a righteous kingdom. We see this kind of thinking everywhere we look in our modern age, it permeates society! And it is getting worse every day with every kind of perversion and insanity taking over the world!

    The scientism of our day that is being taught that denies the Word of Elohim as truth is all part of the grand delusion that Paul warns about in 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12. It is time that Yahuah’s people wake up and realize how deep the deception is that has indoctrinated the whole world and to come out of it, to come out from it’s influence and belief system. (Revelation 18:4, 23).Question everything and prove to yourself what is really the truth according to what Yahuah says and not according to what the “great philosophers” have taught down through the ages.
    The understanding of the Genesis account of Creation is vital for properly understanding the whole plan of Yahuah and why we need to seek Him and His Way, repent, and be forgiven of our sins that we might live forever with Yahuah in His divine Family.

    To read more see:

    “What the Bible Has to Say About the Creation of the Heavens and the Earth”


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