“He Hangeth The Earth Over Nothing”

“He Hangeth The Earth Over Nothing”

Reprinted from “The Earth.” an old flat earth publication

Another version says: “He hangeth the earth (the land) over no thing. But as we repeat, a thing which hangs is motionless. Besides it would be as easy to hang a plate or disc, as it would be to hang a ball. So that the only thing these texts prove is, that whatever shape the earth may be, it is motionless.

In the 10th verse of the same chapter, we read: “He hath described a boundary upon the face of the waters, unto the confines of day and night.” This is a description of the unknown regions of the greal beyond, which our sun never reaches. The author of the little pamphlet in question, however, admits that Newton was entirely wrong in his theory of light; and that gravitation explains nothing; at, when it is stated that the height of mountains on any coast is in direct proportion to the depth of the sea such beats upon or near the shore, it is reasonable to that land and water have been made by the Creator to generally balance themselves. I believe this, though no argument involving the globular figure of the earth and sea can be based thereon.

BibleThe writer, however, makes a point of Isa, 11:22: “He sitteth upon the circle of the earth.” He quotes these words as Scriptural proof that the earth is a globe. According to this portion of Holy Writ, the earth has a circle around it, as Job said, in his wonderful poem: “He hath encompassed the waters with bounds until day and night come to an end, or, until the vision of light and darkness.” This is much clearer in Dr, Bullinger’s translation of the Book of Job: “The round horizon bounds the water’s face, and there the fading light with darkness blends.”  Job 26:10.

A penny has a circle round it, yet it is flat; so, accordingly, there is nothing to uphold the whirling globe theory in this portion of Scripture, but on the contrary, the idea that the earth and sea together form a shining star rushing round and round the sun, and also rushing at the same time forward through space with the sun and moon, and the whole galaxy of stars, towards delta Lyre, at the rate of over three-quarters of a million of miles in 24 hours, or about 250,000,000,000 a year, is not only not in harmony with the teaching of the Holy Bible, but is in direct contradiction to it. It comes of the powers of darkness, and will lead back to them.

That word Khug, says the author, does not mean a circle drawn upon a plane surface. It occurs twice, in other places, where it refers to the vault of the heaven. “The throne of God is an orb, and…it teaches the true form of the earth.” Up to a certain point the author’s explanation is intermixed with truth; but in reality the words should be “He that sitteth upon the circle (chug, vault) of the earth…that stretcheth out the heaven as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in.” (R.V.)

In the globular theory there is no room for the Bible idea of outstretched heavens as well as outstretched earth. Yet the writer of Rogers’ Reasons tries to make everything fit in with the globular theory. Even the honest sceptic will see that this is not candid. We must not force God’s Word to make it fit our ideas. The vault overhead does not signify that the earth is a sphere.

Again, to say that because those who live in northern climes would see the stars in southern regions if the earth were a plane, is to assert that the stars are large enough to be seen all over the earth, and that the atmosphere has no power to deflect away their light. when they shine at the great angles they must make from the south. Also such an assertion practically denies the limit of human vision, and the rules which govern the known laws of optics and perspective, and many facts included therewith.

Our Lord, Jesus Christ, confirms the fact that the stars (hoi asteres) are but small lights  not worlds nor suns  and He says that they shall fall from heaven to the earth. The fixed stars are so small that the most powerful telescopes cannot magnify them into discs. Jesus said that the stars shall fall from heaven immediately before His Second Advent. As to His statement in Luke 17:34-36, intimating that when He comes all will see Him at one and the same moment, though to some it will be early morning, to others broad day, and to others dead of night, it is said that this implies the existence of antipodes; this affords no proof against the plane earth teaching, but rather, the contrary, for no one pretends that the people at the so-called Antipodes can see through a globe, or look all the way round it. So that this passage about the falling of the stars is in favour of the Zetetic position.

When people bring up such flimsy things as these, as proofs of the globular theory, it shows that they are hard pressed to find ‘proofs.’ Yet a well-known Bible student has brought up these sayings as a proof of the common theory!

The different hours of the day and night are explainable on a plane earth, but it would be humanly impossible for all people to see the Christ at one and the same moment, if the earth were a globe. The antipodeans could not look round a globe or through a solid globe, so they would have to wait 12 hours while the so-called globe turned them half round. Therefore, what will take place at Christ’s Second Coming is proof on our side, and not on that of our opponents.

The references to geologic periods bear out my contention, viz.: there is no reliable data for the evolutionists’ assertions; but from Creation’s week Christians may know, if they will study Bible Astronomy, that the age of the earth is not more than about 5,903 years. This has been proved by the cycles of eclipses, transits, etc., calculated backwards, and found to be all starting together in Creation week; thus further proving that the Bible is the Word of God, and that the globular theories are vitally opposed to Bible teaching. Professors may take their choice, but all Christians ought to (and true Christians will) readily stand by the Word of God, which “liveth and abideth for ever.”


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