NASA Cancels Space Walk Because Helmets Keep Filling Up With Water

NASA Cancels Space Walk Because Helmets Keep Filling Up With Water

Water in Helmets
Very funny and we know why!

On there is a story about NASA having to cancel spacewalks because of water filling the helmets and they don’t know why! LOL. Well, we know why? Because it’s all done in a swimming pool but they don’t tell you. However, because it’s happening, they have to stop faking space walks. This is so funny you can’t make this up!

If they were really in space AND if space is what we are told, then why is there water in the first place? For years, the fake story was that there is no water in space. We are also told that it’s extremely hot or extremely cold – depending if you are in the sun or not. OK, let’s go along with what they TOLD us. If it’s extremely hot, the water would all evaporate; it it’s extremely cold, it would be ice and no water would be able to get in in the first place. Another problem would be, how does the space capsule or space station travel through all that water? LOL

What makes this stupider is, how many people believe this BULL? Unfortunately, too many.

It’s gets funnier. We are told that the spacesuits contain water as a coolant and it holds urine. Of course, they have to have some excuse of why water is in the suit. But think of this, if you are a worker and put on your uniform, would you need to store your urine? No, because you pee when you get back inside. As for water as a coolant how can that keep Astro-nots cool as it would all evaporate, and for many other reasons. Finally, and we have said this before, why in the hell would you go out and repair your vehicle when it’s travelling over 17,000mph? If there is something wrong with it on the outside, you’d have to take it into the “shop” to get it repaired.

As a side note, you might not be able to get to this website as it’s from the “bad” Russians and it’s blocked – such as in the UK and some European countries. If you live in the US, you are OK. If not, you have to get a VPN to get it and connect to the right country. For those that are interested in the original article, here is the link. Click Here


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