How The Eye Can See

How The Eye Can See

Extract 4

E.A.M. Blount

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Humidity in the air, as well as the eye’s nearness to the earth, all prevent the full possibilities of sight horizontally.

Looking vertically, sometimes clouds and mist preclude the fully extended reach of sight quite as effectually as do solid sight-deterrents on the earth in the shape of bricks and mortar, etc.

Even when the human eye is looking over the open sea or over a plane its full range is rarely reached.

The eye is always in the centre of its own visual bounds, the full extent of which it can only see under favourable conditions, when all obstacles or obstructing causes are cleared away.

Our Heavens’ Lights and Atmosphere come down to meet each mortal’s Senses, and no man can possibly see beyond his eyesight’s range, which is limited and enclosed within his limited area. This prospectively appears enclosed by circular bounds extended as far as the individual’s eye power can command on all sides. Each human eye -is enclosed as in a tent by the limitations of its own eye-formed canopy.

In every position on earth or on sea a man is under the same conditions. His eye-formed canopy or ” tent ” is ever over him, and if he moves a few yards, or a hundred miles, he can never extend the limits, of his own bounds determined by his own eye and the limitations of light. The laws controlling these conditions are fixed.

Every man’s eye-formed bounds move along with him bodily, new canopies ever forming round him wherever he goes. But his eye can only command sight-grasp of a few miles of circuitous space in breadth or height.

The basis of his eye-bounds is his horizon, and consequently the heavenly lights in motion appear in a dome as though moving above his head. And wherever the field of motion of the heavenly lights may be, whether far or near above, they are reflected dawn through the atmosphere to each human eye, and they appear within the limits of the eye’s own bounds according to its located position on the earth or sea.

The images of the Sun, Moon, and wandering Stars pass through each eye-formed ” tent ” according to their regular courses. That the projected Sun image appears through the atmosphere into the horizon of every mortal’s limited area, and very near above the earth is an evident fact, as is shown in the following diagrams.

It is shown that the image seen of the sun within _ the eye-formed tent or canopy of every person on earth often appears within two or three miles above the earth, or the spectator’s eye. It was so when the drawing of Diagram I was made.

Extract 1

The sun ” rises prospectively into the horizon of the eastern atmosphere-limits of each man’s eye-formed atmospheric-tent, gradually rising higher and higher, until noon, when it reaches its zenith, or central point of vision.

These facts may be made clearer by the following diagram:

Extract 2

In the above diagram let A repre3ent the sun, B a magnifying glass.

These rays which fall vertically on the glass B pass and are converged at the point C. This experiment can be tried any day when there is sunshine, and if the converging rays are focussed on a, piece of paper as at C, the focussed image of the Sun will be seen, and it will set fire to the paper.


Extract 3

In the same way the Sun Light is focussed in the atmosphere, and that which we see is a focussed image at the Sun-Light’s radiating point—from which its rays of Light, Heat, and other Forces descend in the air to light each creature’s eyes, and warm and resuscitate his whole Senses bourne by sun-rays in the air in harmony with the eye’s nature.

This diagram was taken from observation for the author by a scientist.

S was the focussed image of the Sun shining through the clouds, and its rays diverged to the right towards some trees as at B, and to the left to a distant church, as at A.

These rays made an angle of about 45 degrees with the earth, and the distance from A to B was four to five miles. Drop a perpendicular from S to 0, then the distance over B, a little over two miles, equals the altitude of 5, the focussed image of the Sun. If we were to rise higher in the air in a balloon, the focussed image of the Sun would rise higher with us, up to a certain height, just as when we approach a rainbow, its arch recedes from us as we approach it.


Extract 4

This diagram roughly represents a sectional elevation of the human eye. A may represent the aqueous humour: B the crystalline lens which answers to the glass which converges the rays of light: C represents the eye-ball filled with what is called the vitreous humour.

All these, with the cornea in front of the eye, are transparent, and they allow the light to go through the pupil of the eye to the membranous lining of the eye-ball called the retina.

If an arrow be placed before the eye as at D, the rays of fight will pass from it through the pupil and the crystalline lens in straight lines and fall on the retina at the back of the eyeball, where the arrow will be inverted as at B.

When these facts are properly appreciated it will be seen that the eye cannot stretch out further in one direction than another. In fact the eye does not ” stretch out ” at all : it is light which comes into the eye. Strictly speaking we never see anything outside the eye, all vision is within the eye or optic nerve : and we learn from our other Senses to associate distance with the various objects we see.

But even after much experience these distances are often deceptive. For instance, mountains look much nearer before rain than after it. When we have digested these facts, we shall see the absurdity of thinking that the Sun, Moon and Stars are many millions of miles away from the earth.

No mortal builder makes a light or a fireplace a million times larger than the house he builds, and it would be impossible for the Almighty Creator to make such a blunder as to create a Light consisting of a laugh spherical body millions of times larger than the Earth which it was created to light and warm. And the idea that our Sun is 2,646,000 miles in circumference is a very great mistake! Because the whole of the circumferential surfaces of our ” Seas” and “ Earth ” conjoinedly are said to measure no more than about 25,000 miles. Therefore, whatever may be the shape of the cavity which contains our world, it would be impossible that our central heavens could contain a Sun 2,646,000 miles in circumference.

And another initial mistake lies in the idea that

space ” is Eternal. As all the so-called ” space that man can trace is enclosed and contained in the area betwixt the circumference of our central Heavens, and the concave surfaces of our ” Seas ” and ” Earth ” all round beneath them.

And further mistakes are those of supposing that the bulk of our ” Seas ” and “Earth” are a known quantity, and that the area which contains our Air, and Skies, and Ethereal Heavens is endless and everlasting ” Space.” As it is quite vice versa, because the size of our central and enclosed Heavens and the area which holds our breathing atmosphere are more or less accurately known. But the size and extent of.” The Waters” and ” The Earth ” in whose midst our world is placed is unknown! And we know nothing beyond our wall of ” Seas ” with our ” Earth ” Pathway standing out into our atmosphere all round above them. And the Creator in His Holy Word, distinctly reveals that our world is wholly contained in a cavity ” In the midst of the Waters ” which cavity is caused by our translation ” HAD BECOME “) without form and void, and divided II The Waters ” by a Firmament—which is our ” Heavens,” containing our “Lights “— 1′ the Tabernacle for the Sun “—supernal divisions, and probably many other things including Ice which are made invisible to us by ethereal Sky and Cloud-covering.

And when the inventors of the above-named evolution theories assert that at millions of years intervals the Sun, Moon and Stars FORMED THEM¬SELVES by RUSHING SEDIMENTARY CYCLES, they really mean IMAGINARY ORBITS IN IMAG¬INARY NEVER-ENDING so-called ” Space.”

But—for ” the Second time of asking “—who saw those rushing Sedimentary Cycles millions of millions of years in the past? And who saw the different kinds of Matter form themselves into the various Strata in ” The Earth”? (which ” Strata,” as a God and Nature revealed fact, God, by Jesus Christ CREATED with EVEN LAYERS ; ” The Earth ” having been CREATED with a LEVEL SURFACE, its Age-long inundation in the darkened Waters having caused its deformation and decay). And who saw the distinct kinds of Matter divide themselves into THEIR OWN CLASSES before entering into the maelstrom of the cycling fluid? NO ONE!

But—let it be repeated—” the Angels of God. Rejoiced when they witnessed God’s Creation of ” THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH ” built upon EVERLASTING FOUNDATIONS—which God Created by Jesus Christ untold Ages in the past. And they Sang and shouted for Joy!

Therefore, these Scripture-contradicting theories (which were first introduced into Europe by the Greek Pythagoras about 600 years B.C. and finally established by Copernicus in the 15th Century A.D.) probably were invented before the Dispersion of the Jews, and the commencement of ” THE TIMES OF THE GENTILES ” by some pagan mortal or mortals, who either with the object of deceiving—or through ignorance—and believing or affecting to believe that our ” Seas and ” Earth ‘1 were surrounded by open and never-ending heavens, invented the pagan-born idea that our ” Seas ” and ” Earth ” were a Star. But in any ease, it is doubtless that Satan was the inventor of the planet-earth fable, and by his subtlety he has through human agents caused innumerable mortals to believe the Scripture and reason contradicting idea that they live on a “Sea” and ” Earth ” star everlasting rushing (while spinning) in never-ending ” space ” !

God Created the Sun, and Moon, and Star ” Lights” within our Central Enclosed Heavens : which heavens He Created to cause the formation of the cavity which contains our Enclosed World ” in the Midst of the Waters.”

And in these “Waters” “The Earth” of the former World was drowned. And Jesus Christ made our ” Lights ” on the 4th day of Creation Week less than 8,000 years ago to Light and Warm this World’s ” Seas,” and the ” Earth ” which stands out of the ” Seas ” into the Cavity which contains our world ” in the midst of the Waters” (Gen. 1, S).

It is revealed that The Lord God Jehovah Created all His Works by His Son—whom He Created endued with Immortality before He Created any other Being or Thing. And Jesus Christ, who alone hath Immortality, was the First and only DIRECT Creation of God—God having Created all His Created Works, both visible and invisible, by His Son—our Saviour.

The Foundations of the Heavens and the Earth God—by Jesus Christ—created Eternal, but ” the Earth ” which stood in the Waters and out of the Waters which were beneath ” the Heavens which were of old ” was drowned, and during many Ages became ” without form, and void” in ” the midst of the Waters ” wherein it was left. And our world which was made in the midst of the divided and deformed Earth” RUINS which were (and still are) ” in the midst of the Waters,” was created to pass away with the whole ruins of ” the Earth ” of the former world: and the super-natural fire which ” The Earth ” contains, God bath created ready to destroy Satan with his followers and works. But the removal of these things (which will be caused by the removal of the power which holds our partly solid Firmamental Heavens in their central position to cause our world’s cavity) will not take place till after Jesus Christ’s forthcoming Millennial Reign.

All God’s visible and invisible Created Works by Jesus Christ were Created having limitations: some of which were created Everlasting. But our world, it is revealed, was created only to remain for a time: and then to he burnt with super-natural fire which is kindled within ” The (drowned) Earth.” But God’s Word which He hath placed above His Works is Eternal and will never pass away. It is the everlasting Bread of Everlasting Life, and they who never seek to eat this Everlasting Bread, will surely die I And He who said ” thou shalt not die’ deceived man also by his eye.

  • Where’re a man’s horizon be,
  • Not one yard further can he see.
  • Man’s eye-formed tent is God’s provision To frame and encircle all his vision,
  • In all directions he can see,
  • His eye-line’s length the same will be. His horizontal line of sight

This inward Fire in “the Earth,” which oozes out into our world’s areal cavity, causing the Gulf-Stream, and Sea, Motion, etc., is, at present kept at bay by our central Heavens.

That is, straight on before his eye Is just the same up vertically. Controlled by certain limits too, The telescope extends his view: But its extended line of gaze

Is also equal in alt ways,

All mortal things have limit scopes, Including man-made telescopes.

But globites thin] their eyes can trace A hundred million miles in ” space ” That is, when looking towards the sun They say, the stars are further on—

Some stars-they-see-are—so they say—Five hundred million miles away! But the Creator of the sky

Created too the human eye

So doubtless, ’tis a wise decision That man is limited in vision,

And each man’s dome, formed by his eye

(i.e.; the limitation of his Sight-Sense) Holds all he sees of earth or sky

E.A.M. Blount

Published by The Enclosed World Observatory

13 Sussex Square, Brighton, Sussex, England

Printed by W.T. Moulton & Cc., Church Street, Brighton


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