Corporate Ownership of Children

Corporate Ownership of Children

Corporate Ownership Of Children

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  1. eldermike547yahoocom says:

    That is a good article by Stephen Kimbol Jr. What he stated is somewhat true. But he didn’t mention nor get to the real reason the State “owns” your children. Getting a birth certificate for your children is a big part of the problem. He mentioned divorce court custody battles, and that “your” kids are the legal property of the state. He laments at the end of his article.

    “This increase must be recognized for what it is – manufacture by forces outside the family – and resisted rather than used as a reason to further destabilize marriage and diminish the rights of all Americans.”

    It is true, there are evil forces allied with the government outside the family that devises and concoct malevolent ways to destroy the family, and the Christian family in particular. Nevertheless, for the most part, his lament is not true! For millions of people when getting married, willingly give their permission to the state to own their children! Willingly give up their Constitutional rights in regard to their marriage! And I would wager a huge sum, that Mr. Kimbol Jr. and his wife also gave away, willingly, some of their Constitutional rights, and gave away “ownership” of any children they might have in the future when they were married. Millions do, and then complain when the owners of their children, the state, now assert the rights they gave the state when they got married!
    How did that happen?

    It’s called a marriage license. There are three parties to that contract. Husband, wife, & the state. God is not part of the contract. That contract places you under the jurisdiction of “Family court, their laws, their rules, and their court system. The US Constitution does not apply to you if you get a “license”, thus, you cannot use Constitutional law in their court system. Under the Constitution, if one wants a divorce there has to be cause, a trial, judge, and jury, but not if you get a license! For under civil law, there is no-fault divorce, so forget the Constitution in such a case.

    You do not need a state-issued marriage license, in any state, to be lawfully married! I have put this to the test, thus I know it’s true. If you want to know more, email me: and we can discuss it.


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