The Latest EU Laws Concerning Covid-19

The Latest EU Laws Concerning Covid-19

After June 30 2022
-the European Council has amended resolution 2361 and no longer objects to compulsory vaccination.
-As of July 1 2022 the EU has announced the legislation for the mandatory EU COVID 19 Certificates that deprive you of all freedoms if you do not have a QR covid certificate. If there is a majority of member states sighing the legislation, compulsory vaccination will be introduced.
-at the end of 2022/2023 there will be a digital currency.
-The EU will impose a digital ID on every EU citizen. (The Dutch already have this and are already referring to the EU version on the website)
-All ATMs will be replaced by QR code ATMs in the near future, Belgium is already installing them full swing.
-If these QR code machines are integrated, cash can no longer be withdrawn from banks and/or elsewhere.
-The EU aims to make cash completely worthless within 18 months.
-The EU resolution permanently deprices every person of their physical integrity.

The actual document can be downloaded HERE.

Even though it’s a foreign language for most, the words are lucky and you can tell what they are saying well enough to know this is for real.


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5 Responses to The Latest EU Laws Concerning Covid-19

  1. these CLOWNs must, actually, want a civil war or some-thing…. 🤔

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    • Mmm…well, in a sense this is true. We follow a timeline similar to WW2 only 80 years ago. The Nazis were in power (Germany is the king pin of the EU, so no surprises there). Resistance to the Nazis was growing.We saw increased deaths from various causes, so similar to today.


  2. rjra11240233 says:

    Little by little, they keep on gaining ground on us.
    European people are disconnected from God, and wonder if this comes to the USA, how will the population here react to it. I feel like packing and moving into a jungle and living off-grid…

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